Comcast Raised Netflix Prices, Will Video Games Be Next?

Cinelinx: "Several companies, such as Netflix, are fighting for something called “net neutrality” which basically means every company gets treated equal. According to them people would pay for data, and companies that are used more often shouldn't be forced to pay more. It also states that “high end users” aka people that actually use the internet would not be punished for it. The reason being a lot of people use services like Netflix, which in return means a majority of the bandwidth usage is from them, and they use more data than say someone simply browsing Facebook. So companies like Comcast, Time Warner, Verizon, etc… all want to charge Netflix to “make up” for the bandwith usage, on top of charging Netflix users more than Facebook users. Netflix lost a recent battle with Comcast and now they pay Comcast money to make sure their services work properly on their network. "

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Dudebro902101d ago

Comcast had nothing to do with the price increase.

Soldierone2101d ago

If you want to work for Comcast, great thought. Otherwise they did just as much as Hollywoods absurd licensing prices.

Netflix spends BILLIONS every year just to provide content, now they need to spend even more to make deals with internet providers.....

AHall882101d ago

American ISPs are going to ruin the internet for us Americans.
We need an ISP that is removed from trying to push their own content over much better and modern content.

willie322101d ago

Google fiber is now in Kansas City and the price and internet speeds are amazing.

AHall882101d ago

I wish it'd come to Detroit Metro, but I doubt anyone or thing wants anywhere close to Detroit, lol.

WeAreLegion2101d ago

Save us, Google Fiber! You're our only hope!

I hate Comcast.

TitanUp2101d ago

i have crappy internet but i would rather have this crappy internet than comcast.

Ripsta7th2101d ago

Netflix vs gamings bandwidth is not even comparable.

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