Fan Remakes Resident Evil 2 with RE4 Mechanics

Fan and video game designer Rod Lima has been working on a type of remake of Resident Evil 2 with Resident Evil 4's core mechanics and graphics.

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cfc782094d ago

Kudos to the maker good vid,be like winning the gaming lotto to me if capcom ever remade the earlyer games, i live in hope that 1 day it happens.

Kinger89382094d ago

The remake of resi 1 on gamecube was how remakes should be done! Sooo good!

2094d ago
theshonen88992094d ago

The odd thing about this footage is that is just reminds me how incredible fixed camera angles were at scaring the living crap out of me. For me RE4 and beyond never quite captured the pure terror from RE 1,2, and 3, and I'm guessing it's partly due to the camera angles.

SPAM-FRITTER-1232094d ago

This shows why PC is the best gaming platform around. Some guys with a lot of heart made a game that not even a AAA console dev can do.

We don't pay big bucks just for the graphics, it's the whole open platform we get.

cfc782094d ago (Edited 2094d ago )

Totally agree with you on the heart and effort the guy put into making the game and it could only be made on pc but the part about a AAA console dev not being able to do it is floating around phantasy land somewhere its just there choice not to make it and im also a multiple console owner but im no p*ss stinking console peasant like you called us below just my choice of platform,enjoy your pc.

SPAM-FRITTER-1232094d ago

Fair comment cfc78. It can technically be done by console devs but they refuse to and end up making another sequal that nobody cares for or just make an old game 1080p and sell it for £30, then they go complaining about how bad there sales are.

Yes they CAN make it BUT they won't.

cfc782094d ago

You might be right and it never gets made but i think we all have a game series or games that we never give up hope on resi's 1 of mine and im sure you have some to.been good chatting cya around.

TitanUp2094d ago

i want a reboot at this point, forget about remakes just reboot the series and put some romance in there.

RamboRabbi2094d ago

Would have been amazing if he remade Nemesis with Resi 4 mechanics and gameplay, anyhow this is better than anything capcom have done since 2005 for the franchise, well done!

Venox20082093d ago

well, I have enjoyed Revelations, but I get your point :)

maniacmayhem2094d ago

That is pretty cool. Resident Evil 1,2 and 3 are classics among the gaming universe.

nucky642094d ago

vid reminds me of when capcom knew what they were doing. how, in the name of all that is good, has capcom screwed up the RE franchise so badly?

cfc782094d ago

I know 1 thing i'll never have the memories of 4,5,6 that i have with 1,2,3 the games were true to the name back then not action movie rip off's like today though i did really enjoy 4.

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The story is too old to be commented.