My Mixed Feelings On The Wii U

Rich Drummond of Richie D Rants writes:

"If you've tuned into Richie D Rants in the past you know that we love the Wii U. It's IP's offer amazing worlds and some of the most beautiful color palettes on the market today and the smile we get when we're playing Super Mario 3D World with our friends is a huge one. The problem is as of late, the Wii U has been lacking. In this video and accompanying article I dive into why I feel the way I do about Nintendo's latest home console."

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BattleN2103d ago

I agree with everything he said, Nintendo needs to figure out how to get players to come back for more time after time. Hopefully MK 8 and Smash bros 4 change that. My wiiU is currently my online web browser and utube viewer. That will change May 30th tho!

robparko2103d ago

Those last two things you mentioned are a big reason why I enjoy my Wii U so much. I love watching YouTube videos in full screen HD on my TV and find myself reading articles from N4G on the Wii U GamePad all the time.

Also agree with Richie D; there really are no games that make me want to come back. I'm sure both Mario Kart 8 and Smash Bros. will accomplish that though.

GordonKnight2103d ago (Edited 2103d ago )

I still play Mario Kart 7 today and I got it at launch. it's my most played 3DS game. The Wii U games might not have people run back to play after them have finished them, but over time they'll get an itch to play again.

The Virtual console is what makes me disagree with trading in the Wii U. I have the PS4/X1/Wii U and when I'm finished with my current game or don't have a lot of time to play. The virtual console cures my gaming fix. Along with all the classic Nintendo games I get scratch my Nintendo itch. (Super Mario 3)

Also, most 3rd party games don't bring me back time after time to play them.

randomass1712103d ago

Can't speak for anyone since I don't yet have a Wii U. But I'm reckoning that Mario Kart 8 and Smash Bros. in particular will bring people back quite often because of their online features and their heightened customization. Multiplayer games with online generally provide a lot more longevity. Virtual Console games are also a much welcome plus. I'm just disappointed that they haven't added N64 games yet.

Aldous_Snow2103d ago

Posting this on N4G. Must be desperate for hits.

Nabbic2103d ago

"Anyone who criticises Nintendo and posts it on a site that hosts video game opinions is fishing for hits!"
Every single article. There's always this extremist attitude people hold that Nintendo can do no wrong and anyone who says otherwise is wrong and stupid.
I'm not saying that you hold that entire attitude, but it certainly felt a hint of it with that post.

I for one, as someone who has owned almost every single Nintendo system (both handheld and console) and spent thousands of pounds worth over my life on Nintendo, do not own a 3DS or WiiU and have major issues with them, nor do I see myself owning one in the future.
I feel that articles that highlight these issues are critical to both fans and Nintendo alike to reflect on these major flaws before deciding to invest in a company.

It's not desperation, but an open letter to a company that are sullying their name that they've built up with these systems.

randomass1712103d ago

Oh please, don't play that card. Nintendo has taken their beatings in the media and from gamers online a plenty. Just because Nintendo is not infallible does not mean people who criticize them can't possibly be fishing for hits. Anyone who posted bogus rumors suggesting Wii U was weaker than the 360 was ABSOLUTELY fishing for hits. Period. If we're going to criticize Nintendo, we should make sure there is a good and honest reason for it. Not stupid rumors for anonymous sources which are practically guaranteed to be false.

richierich2103d ago

Why do websites want hits? Sorry but what do hits do?(this is a genuine question not being sarcastic) Can someone please explain to me?

randomass1712103d ago (Edited 2103d ago )

Some websites generate revenue from people seeing/clicking on ads that sponsor them. The more people you get to your website, the more popular you become, the more ad revenue you can make. Sometimes it's just to get fifteen minutes of fame. That's really all there is to it.


No problem. :)

NinjaRichParty2103d ago

Nope, I'm not desperate. This is a place/tool to get your articles and videos out there, so that's what I'm using it for. Seems pretty logical.

I don't make money off my actual website, the only revenue I make is through YouTube and that is pretty minimal in itself.

NotAfanBoyy2103d ago

It's really about exclusives. Of the "next gen" consoles, Wii U has the most now and into the near future. That will likely change as the newly released Xbox One and PS4 catch up.

For the money, you can build a far superior gaming PC. Plug in your Xbox or PlayStation controller and call it a day. Even a midrange video card will outperform what "next gen" consoles currently offer.

randomass1712103d ago

The toss up is a lot of the third party games will not be on Wii U. But considering the number of unique games Wii U has, it might be able to survive even without heavy duty third party support. They still have indies and their first party exclusives which has been Nintendo's biggest strength even at their lowest point financially during the GCN era.

iplay1up22103d ago

Of coarse this guy is entitled to his feelings, but for me its the opposite. Killzone and 2nd Son both look really good, but they are both short single player, and pretty much feel like I have been there done that in other games. There is nothing that stands out at all other than they look pretty. I did however really enjoy Knack.

For me the gamepad in some games like Zombi, Deux EX, Splinter Cell, Need For Speed, Trine 2, Nintendoland, WW HD, and Bops2, make the games feel a little more fresh. Bops2 was only because of online with a friend over, and no split screen.

I honestly really use and play my Wii U more than my PS4, and as of right now there are more Wii U games I am looking forward to than on PS4, BUT E3 is fast coming, and I can not wait to see what BOTH Sony and Nintendo show. There are soooo many PS4 and Nintendo games that I think we will see at E3 I can not wait.

I do not know why this guy would even think about getting rid of his Wii U, if he already has a PS4, its not like he needs the money to buy more PS4 games, because there really are not that many new must haves coming out till Watchdogs.

Speaking of Watchdogs, damn UBI for postponing the Wii U version, because I was going to compare the gameplay between PS4/Wii U and then pick up the version I thought PLAYED best. Ubi said the gamepad is GREAT on the Wii U version, but I just do not know if I can wait for that. So I guess I will have to pick up the PS4 version, and then MAYBE the Wii U version if its worth the purchase.

GordonKnight2103d ago

Hopefully ubi will make Watch Dogs for Wii U with the no split-screen feature that Bops2 has and some other gampad features.

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