Thursday Throwdown: Are Cross-Gen Ports Lazy Or Just Good Business?

"Cross-generation games have been available from the jump on PlayStation 4, starting innocently enough with cross-buy enabled PS4 versions of Flower, Flow, and Sound Shapes. It’s also a trend that has extended to more traditional retail titles, with Tomb Raider getting its Definitive Edition in January and The Last of Us poised to make the leap in the summer.

While we touched on whether or not The Last of Us specifically was worth another $60, this week we’re looking at the trend as a whole — from the smallest games on PSN to last year’s biggest blockbusters, how do you feel about cross-generation titles? Are these lazy, or just good business?" - Velox

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n4rc3087d ago

Good business..

But.. Last gen is holding back progress on this gen..

Summons753087d ago

I wouldn't say holding back but giving us something to play while we wait for the new games of this gen to get rolling. These ports take little time seeing as they are already 90% done. Plus it gives devas a chance to test out the new stuff and see what they can do.

Eonjay3087d ago

Not really. Think about it this way, new AAA content costs alot of money. They can't make all that back with current levels of sold PS4s and Xbox Ones (remember stores don't play games)... anyway, its equivalent to releasing a movie on Blu-Ray that was on DVD years ago. It looks better, it runs smoother and its a better experience that is worth the upgrade.
(Watch ID4 on Blu-Ray - the difference will amaze you.) This helps the companies make money to help finance their new projects that will need sell big on new consoles to make money...

OhMyGandhi3087d ago (Edited 3087d ago )

I love Independence Day. That movie, along with Jurassic Park and Men in Black 1 were rewound and replayed so many times on VHS that the tapes themselves should damn near have a restraining order on our family.

As as far as the article is concerned, I am all for ports as long as there are enough improvements to warrant a second purchase.

For me, My PS3 phat YLODED on me quite some time ago, before even Uncharted 3 came out, so being that I haven't played Uncharted 3 or Last of Us yet, and that I wish to get a PS4 soon, the "remastered" versions on the next consoles would be certainly worth the money.

randomass1713087d ago


Agreed completely. That being said, I think remasters like that are mostly intended as a means to bring in new fans so those who have the original may not want to 'convert' to the new version unless they are die-hard fans.

ikkokucrisis3087d ago (Edited 3087d ago )

I almost feel like Crysis3 would be worth playing again on next gen consoles. The multilayer component was really gimped graphically on the ps3/360 ports.

There's also a part of me that really wants another Counter Strike game. I hear it's getting popular again in the competitive gaming scene.

randomass1713087d ago

More like quick business when you think about it. A remaster doesn't offer much work at all if you're a crafty developer. Zelda Wind Waker HD was made in a pretty quick span of time if I'm not mistaken but that gave fans something to play while waiting for the new one that is getting revealed at E3 (which uses assets from WWHD). Things like Tomb Raider and TLOU serve a lot of the same purpose. If you don't agree with it, simply avoid the product. Everyone goes home happy!

n4rc3087d ago

I sort of misunderstood the title..

When I see cross gen, I assume games like bf4, destiny etc..

If they focused on this gen only, wed see a better product...

But cross gen remakes like tr? I see nothing bad about that.. Some didn't play it or whatever reason

TitanUp3085d ago

i have no problems with cross gen ports or hd remakes. i dont think its lazy i think developers and publishers are trying to maximize profits before fully committing to ps4 and x1

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MilkMan3087d ago

How can I say this delicately....
its bullsh!t.

I didnt buy a PS4 to play PS3 games.
I want new IP's, new ideas, new experinces.

and whats worst is these games they are porting are barely a year old in the case of The Last of Us and Tomb Raider.

Now I hear The Walking Dead is coming also?

Cross-gen ports HD or not. Which "gamers" buy, but no one demands FREE backwards compatibility. W.T.F!?

65 dollar MP only games with no SP content.

40 Dollar demos.

Nice to see where things are going.

monkey483087d ago (Edited 3087d ago )

I see where you're coming from and I agree. It's just that I think a lot of people who own a ps4 were 360 gamers. Now they have a chance to play The Last of Us (but charging 60 bucks is ridiculous). The thing I see about this is the next gen experience games are coming. Games take time. By having a few ports early in the life cycle just gives us a little time before the big games hit. Think of this as an appetizer before the next gen only or should I say current gen only games are made.

ginsunuva3087d ago

That's their fault for not owning a ps3 or buying one now.

OhMyGandhi3087d ago

If they are trying to grab as many potential buyers as possible for tried and true games like Last of Us and Tomb Raider, who may have missed out on the experience before, Who loses?

For anyone whose ever played a PC port of a console game, Most of the time, there are drastic changes in visual fidelity that the experience can be completely different, and new.

For me, I watched Jurassic Park on bluray, and couldn't get over how different everything looked. I was no longer straining to see details on a fuzzy VHS tape, but appreciating all the hard work that was put in that I had missed due to the constraints of older hardware.

randomass1713087d ago

Funnily enough, the DVD also has a high enough resolution to catch a lot of those details. :P But you are right, if old fans can avoid it and new ones can get the better looking version, no one really loses at all.

Tetsujin3087d ago

Depends on the game really, some games I wish had new gen ports to at least hold us over till newer games come out that will help transition to the new thing.

candy_mafia3087d ago (Edited 3087d ago )

It's good business....that can easily turn to bad business if not handled correctly.

Here's my thing. Those complaining need not purchase, rendering their high pitched squeaking irrelevant.


randomass1713087d ago

Like releasing a stupid looking and broken remaster like the Silent Hill collection?

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