Nick's Top 25 Games of All Time

One of our writers lists and details his top 25 games ever. Tell us what you think and share some of your own!

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higgins783087d ago

Some good/great/masterpieces on that list for sure, just NOT in that order.

darren_poolies3087d ago

Don't know about top 25 but number 1 for me is Dark Souls

LoveOfTheGame3087d ago

Only really have a problem with 2 games on that list, but overall a list of great games though.

The top 5 listed, which are nowhere near my top 5 games of all time, might just be my favorite top 5 I have seen listed. A little random, fun, and full of great games.

Geobros3087d ago

Some nice games, some medium and some bad games...

aimforthehead3087d ago

Dark souls 2 and mass effect 3? Why would he pick the weakest of the two series..

Skate-AK3087d ago (Edited 3087d ago )

Because that was his opinion. Just like what you said was yours.

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