Latest Company of Heroes 2 patch aims to level the playing field

If you’re a CoH2 player you’re probably already familiar with the imbalances present in the game since the previous patch. Players on the Soviet side have been up in arms with the issues related to the damage output and defenses of pretty much every German unit. According to the recent Relic Developer AMA on reddit it seems that there was a bit of truth behind those perceived unbalances.

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2pacalypsenow2268d ago

well the Germans did have the most powerful weapons in WWII

Gamecrastinate2268d ago

That doesn't make for a very fun game though.

2268d ago
3-4-52268d ago

So there is more balance and now I won't have to face Zerg Rush..I mean Soviet Swarm?

I'll have to play a game later and see if I noticed the balance difference.

Gamecrastinate2268d ago (Edited 2268d ago )

You'll notice a huge difference in the early game imo. I played a match right after the servers came back up and the balance is much kinder to Soviet players early on. German armor is still pretty nasty late game, but that may be due to the fact that my 3 teammates were all playing the new free commander and running around with Shermans.

Nobody had a KV1, IS-2, or IS-152 available :(.

Einhert2268d ago

Save yourself the trouble and download the Eastern Front mod & the Blitzkrieg mod.

Modders made a better game than Relic.