Games with Gold brings us another decent title

Taken from IM PLAYIN:

"Free game. Who doesn’t love those words? It’s free AND it’s a game, the perfect combination. Well, next to free and food, of course. I need very little to be happy in this world. My loved ones, regular exercise, my work and video-games. So, when I’m given the opportunity to do one of those things for free, well I’m the happiest of Larry’s. I recently plugged my Xbox 360 back in to play Telltale’s ‘The Walking Dead The Game, Season 2′. This led to me buying Dark Souls II, as I figured ‘when in Rome’. I then downloaded World of Tanks, because I could. And, whilst still in Rome (metaphorically of course, though I am going there this summer) I downloaded Deadlight, because it’s this month’s Game with Gold. Also because it has zombies in it, and I love me a good zombie game."

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ats19922710d ago

I really enjoyed Deadlight its a good game.

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DaleCooper2710d ago

Deadlight looked fun but got some pretty bad reviews. That's why I'm glad I get to try it "free" with my Gold Subscription. Still, wish they'd give us something for XB1, maybe that Max Curse of Brotherhood game or something!

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xDHAV0K24x2709d ago

That Max game was really good. Needed to play a platformer and it was worth the $15

DaleCooper2709d ago

I nearly bought it, but I was so into NBA 2K14 at the time I avoided all other games. If I crave a platformer soon (which happens from time to time) I'll be picking up Max, it did look really fun.

LightDiego2710d ago

I'm really disappointed with PS Plus and Xbox Live, i was expecting for Second Son, Ground Zeroes and Titanfall, instead, only free indie games.
Indie games are for small people.

snake91822710d ago (Edited 2710d ago )

They can't really give out them sort of games for free yet. There isn't a big collection.

And BTW indie games are great fun.

WeAreLegion2710d ago

"Indie games are for small people."

That's rich. Lol.

medman2709d ago

I believe he meant to say, "indie games are for smart people." Fixed.

MasterCornholio2709d ago (Edited 2709d ago )

The heck does midgets have to do with indie games?

Goro2710d ago ShowReplies(1)
HeavenlySnipes2710d ago

Games that came out less than a month ago...

Goro2710d ago

Actually, technically they all released over a month ago.

Allsystemgamer2710d ago

Many indie games are better than many AAA games...

neocores2710d ago

Why one day when they stop its because of people like you.

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Illusive_Man2710d ago

360 back catalog is stupid big now.

xDHAV0K24x2709d ago

This one wont take u long unless ur trying to get 100%. I think it took me like 6 hrs

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