What Will The New Call of Duty Be Like?

CCC Says: "Activision has been promising that this year’s new Call of Duty will be like nothing you have ever seen before. However, they haven’t been very forthcoming with details. That being said, IGn has managed to capture the first ever real image from the new Call of Duty production. The image is really nothing more than a picture of a soldiers face, however, you would be forgiven for not thinking that this was in-game graphics. The detail on the picture is so high you can see pores on the soldier’s face and individual hairs on his lip. It looks just like a real photograph."

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ritsuka6662094d ago

What Will The New Call of Duty Be Like?'''

How about a sequel that actually feels like an generic upgrade and not an expansion pack on the previous title?

sdozzo2094d ago

I think they will make some pretty big changes. The market is shifting and they are catching hell.

BiggCMan2094d ago

Probably a shooting game.

ninjahunter2094d ago

Well, considering that its advertised as "Next gen first" probably will have an emphasis on graphics, and other than that, will have all the 360 no scope nonsense.

danncampello2090d ago

I think they finally realised what we want in a game like COD. They need to do a game based on our opinions