Indie Studio Teaches Young Girls How to Make Games

An indie studio in San Jose, CA, LearnDistrict, is teaching girls how to create video games. This is a great step forward in evening the statistics in the gaming industry!

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DasTier2106d ago

"This is a great step forward in evening the statistics in the gaming industry!"

Complete rubbish.

If people want to get involved in the industry, they, male or female, should make the effort to do so.

All of this "lets even the playing field" and quota bullshit is, at its core, sexist and wrong.

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ColonelRex2106d ago

I have to disagree with you. This industry is already male dominated. There is nothing wrong with trying to influence girls to want to make video games.

Tiqila2106d ago

Is it male dominated because only men are told how to make video games? No!

If a woman wants to make a game she can do it, she has the same prerequisites as any man.

Still this indie studio is only teaching girls, so why the f*** do you think this is *not* sexist??

Brucis2106d ago

There's a good way to tell if something's sexist/racist/[insert_topic]is t. If the situation was reversed, would it be considered sexist/racist/[insert_topic]is t? In this case, if there was an indie studio that taught young boys how to make games, but not girls, and was called 'Boys Make Games', would that be considered sexist? Most people would say "You're excluding girls, that's sexist." It's obviously not a perfect way of going about deciding whether or not it is, as you need to judge things individually and in context, but it gives you a good start.

Gh05t2106d ago


A better way is to just get a dictionary definition of your isms which all have one defining quality which is discrimination.

It only requires one simple question.

Does this discriminate based on sex?

The answer is yes.

Simple as that.

It's sexist!

However I believe in liberty and since this deals with thier money and not my money, I won't tell the group how they can and can't spend thier money on who they do or do not want to support.

Mankey2105d ago

Of course not.

But personally I would teach anyone who was interested, regardless of who they are.

All they need is interest in the subject.

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cyguration2106d ago

Not sure why people are disagreeing.

The indie field has no boundaries. Anyone can make any game they want.

It's always been that way but it's easier now than ever before.

LITERALLY anyone can make a game if they put some time into it.

I guess none of them ever thought that maybe there's just not the same level of interest from one gender over the other when it comes to game design? Ya know, sort of like how dudes just aren't that into fashion design in the same way that girls are.

pompombrum2106d ago

Why just girls? It's just asking to be hated on to be honest.

Gh05t2106d ago (Edited 2106d ago )

*this comment assumes no tax dollars are being spent on this program.

Why not just for girls? If it's privately funded who cares? Same reason you can't join the girl scouts or work for Mary Kay. Just because it's something you want to join doesn't give you the right to force a private company to fund you if they don't want. They want females.

This by no means hinders anyone else. They may be getting some treatment you are not but guess what? That's how life works. It's not fair and never will be.

Them having a girls club does not stop you from learning or programming. It also doesn't stop you from making a boys only programming program.

People hate because it's unfair and rather than overcoming adversity they sit and whine about it while they put it down. Rather than achieving greatness on thier own.

fallout1012106d ago

I think its a great idea. A lot of the time girls are raised to think video games for our gender is uncool, that its only for boys - so they don't get involved.

With lessons like this, stereotypes and gender based hobbies are warded off. I know I'd have loved this back when I was in school.

Tiqila2106d ago (Edited 2106d ago )

"47% of gamers are female"

I don't think so! Unless maybe you count smartphone/social network "games".

cyguration2106d ago

They're counting smartphone and social games.

More females play casual/social/mobile games than males do.

Tiqila2106d ago

yeah, that explains it! It's just that I would never call someone who casually plays farm hero saga, a gamer.

ColonelRex2106d ago


"Is it male dominated because only men are told how to make video games? No!"

Thats irrelevant. But I have to ask. What is wrong with trying to influence girls to make games? Seriously, whats wrong?

"Still this indie studio is only teaching girls, so why the f*** do you think this is *not* sexist??"

Because its already male dominated industry. That answer is common sense. Its got nothing to do with whether its sexist or not because us guys are already there. They are just simply trying to influence more women to take an interest in it. There is nothing wrong that.

Gh05t2106d ago

The idea is great. The article is trash.

It's not strange at all that there is a 12% female rate. Seriously it's not like it will change overnight.

How long has there been a 47% female gamer base? How many of those are purely casual? Which infers that the female player base doesn't even take the industry as a serious motivation but rather a casual time killer.

And since when does any industry have a realistic equilibrium based on user base without some sort of discrimination.

Anyways private businesses have the freedom to support what they choose and if that's to help females program games more power to them. This better not be tax funded though.