Is 1080 the Number Microsoft Fears?

CCC Says: "It’s time to come to terms with the fact that we live in an HD world. The debate on whether better graphics make for better games is one that still rages on today, as it has for the last three decades. However, I think it’s time some of us grew up. Now, I love a good 16-bit sprite as much as the next fella’, but if I truly want to appreciate everything my hobby has to offer, I simply can’t live in the past. Next-gen graphics like those found on the PS4 and Xbox One (combined with the innovative technologies of the Oculus Rift or Morpheus), are what will propel us into a bright new future of gaming."

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Neonridr2105d ago

Need for Speed was 1080p, as was Forza. So it's not like the system isn't capable of it. Obviously the console has a few more bottlenecks to overcome since the hardware isn't as powerful as the PS4, but I'm sure devs will figure out ways to increase the fidelity of games on the Xbox One. Direct X12 implementation could also help out on the graphics end too, but we will have to wait to see more on that first.

A lot of last gen 360 and PS3 titles were being rendered at sub 720p and being upscaled to full HD, so not sure where the author is getting his information from..

Godmars2902105d ago

"not sure where the author is getting his information from.."

Probably from multiplatform comparisons with the PS4. That overall graphically, Forza 4 reportedly looks better than Forza 5.

Neonridr2105d ago

my statement was in regards to the author's claim that all 360 games were in full HD and 30fps. I was debunking that because most games were less than that.

Axios22105d ago (Edited 2105d ago )

Native 1080p just off the top of my head

Forza (only next gen retail exclusive to hit 1080p 60fps)
Halo CA
Dying Light
Sports Rivals
Murdered Soul
The Crew

What a joke of an article

BTW, I always get a god laugh when fnboys try and say certain games are easy to run, just look at

The Crew
Drive Club

One is confirmed 30fps the other last seen running 30fps

scott1822105d ago (Edited 2105d ago )

Tomb raider dips lower than 1080p on the X1 for some reason in places, so not sure it can be fully considered a 1080p game. Kinda strange that things like that have to happen in "next gen".

joab7772105d ago

I wonder if this is the reason they didnt name it the all seriousness. It seemed strange that they went with xbox one but maybe they knew what was up.

With that said...this is what it is. PS4 is more powerful but we have quite some time to go.

MasterCornholio2104d ago (Edited 2104d ago )

Still doesn't change the fact that the PS4 has alot more 1080P games.

I think there's a chart on IGN that lists all of them.

The main reason why people are going crazy over resolution is because the Xbox One costs 100$ more than the PS4 but its weaker than it when it should be more powerful for the extra money.

ats19922105d ago

Need for speed rivals and Forza 5 are not the only games that are 1080p on xbox one. People act like every game is 720p when that is not true.

Neonridr2105d ago (Edited 2105d ago )

not to mention games like Thief, AC4 and Tomb Raider were 900p.

ats19922105d ago

Tomb raider was 1080p the cutscenes were 900p.

brich2332104d ago

They dont want to hear the truth, because it upsets them.

headblackman2104d ago

what's up with all of these troll bait articles?? i wish these articles with these titles would be taken down and the writer banned from posting when these titles and articles are clearly designed as troll bait.