PS4 vs. Xbox One: We Now Have a Clear Winner

Microsoft and Sony hit the market with their next-generation video game systems in November, and both consoles got off to blazing starts. The initial supply of Xbox One and PlayStation 4 systems sold out ahead of the holiday shopping season, and both platforms seemed neck-and-neck in the battle for gaming supremacy.

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FITgamer2272d ago

What this? A journalist that understands the difference between "shipped" and "sold through".

UltimateMaster2271d ago

Too early to tell.
But with China opening up it's borders to China, Sony and Nintendo will have a new playground of profit.
It's certain the PS4 will be #1 globally, but in N/A the battle is far from over.

gigoran2271d ago

Nah, it's over. Just deal with it. The Japanese console has outsold the American console in its home country. And when it's released in Japan Sony will beat it on its home soil. The contest it's over. For once, Japan had a bigger one than the USA.

stuna12272d ago

This artical sums up everything nicely in a nut shell! E3 could possibly be the opportunity for second chances for some, but that's dependent on putting the gamers first.

Godmars2902271d ago

I say give it till the end of 2015 to be sure. 2014 if the gap is only wider.

digim02271d ago

I can't believe people perceive the XBO as a "failure." It's shipped millions of units. Is Pepsi a failure because it doesn't sell as much as Coke?

Sci0n2271d ago (Edited 2271d ago )

360 shipped and sold way more over its whole life span then the X1 of course and its a even bigger failure. A bunch of people was getting the rrod and rebuying the console because they didn't feel like waiting on there refurbished model 360 only to have the brand new one and the refurb console rrod again. Xbox is a failure because how anti consumer and anti developer the console brand has become. They will continue to put things behind paywalls that shouldn't be there. Netflix, web broweser, the ability to party chat with friends, hulu, skype and many other essentials. Its a damn shame that you people already pay subscriptions for some of those services and are allowing microsoft to recharge you to use them. Xbox one has been done some people are just realizing it later then others.

B1uBurneR2271d ago (Edited 2271d ago )

Sony will clearly win this round unless they have some kind of rrod mishaps. Which is not likely. I'm glad MS pulled out and put on a jacket after they heard the first coughs from consumers. Next time i hope they don't spill early and have a illegitimate Xbox to deal with. I see things improving enough to stay the next round, but not enough to own NA like last Gen.

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The story is too old to be commented.