The ultimate 'one more go' games

From Flappy Bird to Tony Hawk's Pro Skater, here are eight of the most addictive video games ever.

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3-4-52105d ago

NSMBU & SM3D World are both pretty good at this.

caseh2105d ago (Edited 2105d ago )

'Dong Nguyen’s iOS phenomenon became a viral hit because it had that ‘one more go’ appeal in spades.'

False, it became a viral hit because the creator used bots to push it to the top of the download lists, where Twitter whoring socialite scumbags latched onto the fad and enticed others with comments like 'OMGZ, Flappy Bird is so freakin' awesome'

Nothing addictive about Flappy Turd, may it burn in hell.

Skate-AK2104d ago

RPGs for me. "Just one more quest."