Who is the Arkham Knight? The 6 most interesting suggestions

Join games™ as we speculate on the identity of Batman’s new foe, the titular Arkham Knight.

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wheresmymonkey3087d ago

It is Hush. It's obviously Hush. He'll take off the mask he'll look just like bruce wayne. Brice will defeat him. quit being batman and then give the suit to a kid named Terry in the next game set in the future.

Bish bash bosh done.

mkis0073086d ago

Ya I highly doubt they would set up the end of Arkham City the way they did and not bring back Hush...Considering the way they left it.

L-DOT-_REAPER_3087d ago

i think it jason todd(red hood) but they did say arkham knight is a char that they made up thou soooo.....

ironfist923086d ago

the character of "Arkham Knight" may be new, but the person inside it might not be,

L-DOT-_REAPER_3085d ago

aaahhhhhh i like that i didnt think it like that

Hroach6163086d ago

I have no idea who is could be. But Hush sounds the most likely. But I do love the idea of at the end it flash forwards x amount if years briefly and you see Terry ride up with the gang of jokers behind him. Bruce gets up and sees it out the window and starts heading outside. Have it lead into a Rocksteady Batman Beyond. Damn that be awesome.

Frankfurt3086d ago

It's Batman himself. He gets hit by Sacrecrow's poison and his fear of becoming an "out of control" vigilante takes over.

user95970823086d ago

I swear if Joker is back from the dead and is secretly the bad guy again, it'll be super lame.

TitanUp3086d ago

agree i am done with joker for now. i would like a backstory on joker someday but not right now.

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