ESA study: More than 50% of families in the U.S. say games encourage family time

Misconceptions about gaming are often found in people who do not play games or know what the gaming industry is, but a new study released by the ESA today reveals some interesting new facts about how American families use video games.

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Anon19742096d ago

My oldest is 4 and we're already gaming together and it's great. There's good interaction between my son and myself during game time and it's a blast for both of us. I can't imagine not gaming with my kids. It's one of my favorite past times, why wouldn't I share it with them? Currently playing through the Lego Movie game with my son after we both enjoyed the movie. My parents never once picked up a controller and spent time gaming with myself or my sibling growing up and I'll never understand why.

US8F2096d ago

I have a 9 months old and I'm saving alot of games for him and I to game together when he grows up a bit more.

RuleNumber52096d ago

That's a great thing about gaming, is they can be timeless and give perspective and appreciation to people who don't experience the industry as it happens. Good on you for saving some games for your kid!

randomass1712095d ago

Aww, that's really cute. :) Hope your kid enjoys games as much as you do!

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tigertron2095d ago

I think your parents didn't play games with you because older generations never grew up with the kinds of games and machines that we have today and even today many people aged 50+ aren't really interested or willing to pick up a controller, which is a mighty shame.

kingjosh18762095d ago

I think that's cool, do you guys (gaming parents) get your kids to play older games so they can appreciate them or do you just play whatever new stuff with them?

Anon19742095d ago

A few, but with my oldest is still only 4, so there aren't many old games he can handle yet. Gauntlet 2 was a game I played to death when I was in University back in the day. One the PS3, it's great because I can just load him up with health to start and he can pretty much just run through all the monsters while to collect all the keys while I clean up beasties blocking his way.

Aside from the odd, arcade port I don't really do any retro gaming though so most games we do play are newer. There's plenty of little, downloadable titles that he gets enjoyment out of. Aside from the lego games, he's been getting a kick out of playing Spelunky with me as of late. And when he dies, he just turns into a ghost and it doesn't seem to bother him at all.

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MasterCornholio2095d ago

Just look what happened with the Wii.

Almost all my cousins had one and every time I went to their houses we would play party games together.

randomass1712095d ago

I think that helped bring a lot of gamers who could potentially become purchasers of more hardcore systems too.

xX1NORM1Xx2095d ago

Good job America 50% is not bad at all after all the media loves to attacks games every time something bad happens I wanna see the same study done in England

randomass1712095d ago

That's sensationalist political crap. Any gamer who is sane is smart enough to call out BS when they see it. Violent games do not make gamers violent people. Period.

rainslacker2095d ago

Even in politics they aren't usually against all games. Just violent ones. I'm sure it'll eventually pass once the next big entertainment thing comes along.

KwietStorm2095d ago

Not me. I game to get away from them lol

randomass1712095d ago

Same here. My game time is generally my me time. That said, some local multiplayer is often quite fun.

vikingland12095d ago (Edited 2095d ago )

All 3 of my kids and me played video games together. They are all grown up now and we still game together. My son and I are currently playing FF XIV online together.

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