Nintendo Download (4/24/14, North America)

Nintendo has announced the games/demos/sales out on the North American Nintendo digital platforms today.

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WeAreLegion2098d ago

Definitely downloading Yoshi's Island!

InTheZoneAC2098d ago

Never been a fan of Yoshi's Island, but when can we expect price drops and discounts on:

-Zelda Ocarina of Time
-Paper Mario Sticker Star
-Donkey Kong Country Returns 3DS
-New Super Mario Bros 2

or does Nintendon't offer discounts?

Dravidian2098d ago

They do discounts, but it's not very often.

MNGamer-N2098d ago

Cool, a demo of Mario Golf. That game is supposed to be pretty good.

Skate-AK2098d ago

Might get Yoshi’s Island: Super Mario Advance 3.

chris887552098d ago

Not really too much going on this week.

belac092097d ago

there have been a few good weeks, but its mostly indie stuff, and personally im not an indie game fan.