Killzone Shadowfall 1.14 Patch Reduces Blur In MP

Killzone Shadowfall's latest 1.14 patch features some fairly significant changes, including reduced blur in multiplayer modes.

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Fusromandah3260d ago

Soooooo pumped about this new map.

kaiserfranz3260d ago

Finally, there was just too much blur in multiplayer. I think I might get back into the fray real soon

TitanUp3260d ago

me 2, will take a break from ff14 to play killzone and spiderman

dcj05243260d ago

Same here. Been playing ffxiv non-stop and I need something else to play.

qu1ckset3260d ago

I might repurchase the game if the motion blur is fixed in MP, I thought it was horrid and would get flamed hard on this site for talking bad about it... Sold the game , SP was nice , MP blur ruined the MP for me.

Ninver3260d ago

the patch size is ridiculously big, almost 1.1gigs. at this rate our hdd's will be full before the next wave of games are released lol.

JP13693260d ago (Edited 3260d ago )

That's because of the way patches are currently being handled. It's re-downloading all the previous patches. Total HDD footprint will increase only a small fraction of that, however. Still sucks if you have a cap though.

Kaizer -

Agreed. Hoping 1.7 addresses the issue. I'd love to see a return to patches 1/10 the current size.

kaiserfranz3260d ago

Yeah...It's a bit ridiculous to let us redownload all the previous patches, though. They should fix this ASAP

Ninjatogo3260d ago

@kaiserfranz There's nothing to really fix. Last gen people complained that it was annoying to download all the separate patches to update the game. This gen they have made it so you only have to download one patch from whichever version you're on to get to the latest. I have seen some games such as Blacklight adopt an internal update method though (update from their own servers while game is running).

TitanUp3260d ago

i have deleted a bunch of stuff that im not going to be playing for a while.

PhilJowns3260d ago ShowReplies(3)
RadeonXRay3260d ago

Nice to see the continuing support for the game, but I just want that damn co-op mode...

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The story is too old to be commented.