H1Z1 Will Not Feature Dismemberment, "Was A Hotly Debated Topic" Says Sony

T1 - Players hoping SOE’s post-apocalyptic zombie game, H1Z1, will make use of next-gen tech for ultra-realistic gore effects may be left wanting, as Sony confirm H1Z1 will not feature dismemberment.

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Wizziokid2266d ago

That is a shame imo, for the genre of game I would have much preferred chopping off some zombie arms etc.. suppose It's not a massive loss

T1Publishing2266d ago

Agreed on both fronts. While it won't effect game design, limbs flying everywhere is pretty much expected from anything zombie. It adds that extra layer of gruesome mortality to the survival.

Also, lots of moral dramas in the zombie genre come from humans enjoying cutting zombies apart and torturing them. When Smedley mentioned playable zombies I imagined a player coming back as a zombie, only for another player to chop off their limbs like Michonne in TWD and use them for personal gain. That would have been cool imo

papashango2265d ago

its like a casual PG dayz

AgentSmithPS42264d ago

I hope everyone gets riled up about this and complains to everyone involved so we can get this changed!

2265d ago
BABY-JEDI2265d ago

It is if you lose your legs for the fact that you have no dismemberment. This is a feature that should be in all zombie type games as it is a classic feature of the cinematic genre that paved the way to the digital gaming experience.
I will still play H1Z1. But at the back of my mind that perceptual thought will dwell on what could have been.

AgentSmithPS42264d ago

The probable reason they did this is because they want more money from all the little kids. I don't appreciate being given a lesser game because of reasons like this.

At the very least there should be an M+ rated version and a child's version, I'm sure there would be enough people to play with either way. Maybe you'll have to pay to unlock dismemberment ;)?

It's about time someone comes up with a simple adult verification system so we can stop getting the shaft.

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Bundi2266d ago

Boooooo, so you can't chop off a zombie's leg and have it crawl after you?!

MysticStrummer2265d ago

Exactly. Not only that, but if you decapitate the zombie without destroying the brain, the head should be on the ground still looking at you and wanting to take a bite out of you.

I am disappoint.

DarXyde2265d ago

Well, that's a bit disappointing. It's like the Gran Turismo 5 Prologue car damage controversy.

Hopefully it shines through in other respects.

xer02265d ago

I couldn't agree more.

Salooh2265d ago

Don't see why there is a huge hype for it. When i think about this game and it's future i think it will be good but only after huge amounts of updates. DayZ looks more solid. This is a good start before DayZ come to consoles.

I'm playing it day one but won't expect anything good. When i read about it it feels good but when i look at the gameplay i don't see the same hype. Hopefully they prove me wrong ^^.

Bdxxacjkfs2265d ago

It is like a porn movie whit condoms. Totally BS!

Dustinf112265d ago

EXACTLY LIKE THAT... the same thing really..

AgentSmithPS42264d ago

It's like an action movie with rubber bullets.

Hellsvacancy2265d ago

They're zombies ffs, menacing cannibalistic dead people, not exactly something you will see in My Little Pony

Make a mature game for mature gamers

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The story is too old to be commented.