Sony On H1Z1's Insane Difficulty: "We Think Dark Souls Is For Wimps", May Have Playable Zombies

T1 - Sony devs have once again taken to Reddit to answer questions on upcoming zombie survival sandbox game, H1Z1, boldly stating they want the game to be very challenging and think "Dark Souls is for wimps". Also discusses item degradation and playable zombies.

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ArchangelMike1643d ago

Yeah keep the hype train running on full steam, just dont forget to deliver, if not you can be sure the zombie hordes will turn on you.

Army_of_Darkness1643d ago

I bet you they are trying very hard to make the game difficult not because of dark souls, but because it will eventually force you to make a microtransaction! And that is bullshit.

cfc781643d ago

Thats 1 idea or maybe they just want to give you the best survival horror experience possible.

uncharted561643d ago

Dude if you don't know about something then you should keep your mouth shut otherwise it makes you look stupid. Remember half knowledge is dangerous. They have already stated that they don't plan to sell items like guns, food, or any other kind of boosters which might dis balance the gameplay. Rather they will sell stuff like clothes and stuff for your character and are exploring other options for monetization so the game can stay from the model of pay to win.

1643d ago
Lord_Sloth1643d ago

Oh give it a rest! They've already said the transactions aren't for weapons. It's for cosmetics like coats and such.

Army_of_Darkness1642d ago (Edited 1642d ago )

@uncharted56, my assumption wasn't stupid if you factor in the present trend of pay to win with the typical free to play games, so relax with that shit... But if what you're saying is true in regards of just charging extra for costumes and such then that's cool with me...

@lordsloth, give what a rest?? my once in a blue moon questioning of Sony's motives with their free to play game?? LOL! when was the last time I talked shit about Sony in order for you to tell me to give it a rest?? you need to take it easy bro.

minimur121642d ago

So well be dying every half am hour?

Well that sucks.

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assdan1642d ago

Yeah. This game looks like it could be great, but I'm still cautious.

theDivision1642d ago

Agreed. Excited but cautious is also how I feel towards the game. It has phenomenal potential I just hope they can deliver.

Massacred1642d ago

Oh man. They aren't screwing around.

GortJester1643d ago

That's great... don't say *Dark Souls is hard but we are making our game even harder*, instead make fun of the Dark Souls Fanbase. Stay Classy.

Lord_Sloth1643d ago

2nd the Souls fanbase does a pretty solid job of making fun of itself. I love the game but it has some of the most ornery people playing it. It's like a fighting game community. XXXD

Patrick_pk441643d ago

This. The Dark Souls fan base is one of the most laughable and hated around boards.

OT: Dark Souls isn't difficult, and it is more artificial. Put bonfires so far apart and make the enemies difficult at the start of the game. Once geared everything become easy.

Bengaroo1643d ago

Have to agree. And the two nerdlings hosting that gameplay stream couldn't have been less likeable either.

Great PR start...

frostypants1643d ago

Pretty sure they were being tongue-in-cheek. They chose to mention Dark Souls because they clearly respect it.

Christopher1643d ago

I think missing is the context in which it is said. It could have been said in a joking way. No one knows. And, it's not like the person doing the interview can't make a choice in which lines to show and which not to show. This could have been said after a paragraph of him extolling the virtues of Dark Souls.

Seriously, gotta brush some of this stuff off. Even I need to be reminded of that from time to time. The game journos print stuff that gets hits, not stuff that tells the full story.

FanboyKilla1642d ago

Sony has no class. They always talking bout others. Meanwhile, im looking for something to do with this ps4 instead of it just takeing up space. I mean seriously, it just sits there. My son wont even touch it. Smh. I feel like an arse. Sony stop talking start walking, you insecure, overrated, underachievers.

jkendrick1642d ago


Man, can we read one article without trolls?

assdan1642d ago

I'm pretty sure the devs stated that microstransactions won't involve weapons.

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S2Killinit1643d ago (Edited 1643d ago )

it would definitely make it scarier if some of the damn zombies were played by people. Lurking around corners, sneaking into forts, attacking wen survivors least expect it. Damn, goosebumps

ScareFactor1643d ago

"dark souls is for wimps"

Lol that is funny, definitely the hardest series I have ever played (that I didn't have to change the difficulty)

Saints941643d ago (Edited 1643d ago )

Dark Souls was alright. Dark Souls 2 is very easy.

azure19901643d ago

Says the guy making a generic game

MysticStrummer1643d ago

There aren't nearly enough games like this to use the word generic about it.

Dubaman1643d ago (Edited 1643d ago )

DayZ, Rust, 7 days to die, Nether, The Dead Linger. They're the ones iv played, im sure there are more, but i can say that H1Z1 looks like a mash up of Rust and DayZ, in a sparser world. A main issue i noticed with this game was the draw distance. The fog sets in too soon and the detail fades too quickly. Try using a sniper rifle in a realistic survival game when the hills in the distance haven't even completely rendered; it completely kills the immersion. Then you have to run closer, making yourself exposed, just to let the details and other players load.

I'll give this game a shot until DayZ SA gets closer to where the mod is. You look around though and the only special thing about this game is that its on a console.

MysticStrummer1643d ago

@Dubaman - I agree, H1Z1 is a combination of some existing games. That's just not what generic means.

Panthers1642d ago

The thing about this is that its one of the first games of its kind with a large developer/producer behind it.

Most of the other titles are indie titles made by a few people. And while they are fun, they are crawling with glaring issues.