Mario Kart 8 Premium Pack – Special Edition Wii U

Today Nintendo announces a new bundle that will be coming to coincide with the release of Mario Kart 8. The Mario Kart 8 Premium Pack – Special Edition Wii U

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R00bot2103d ago

So the rumours were true.
Well, this looks like the perfect bundle to jump on board of for those yet to buy a Wii U.

Immorals2103d ago

If I didn't have 2 holidays and a Ps4 to pay for, I'd be all over this.

Sincere01212102d ago

Unlucky, might aswell sell your Ps4 untill it gets some decent games then buy it back when you get the chance.

randomass1712102d ago


I feel ya man, but maybe we can get a Black Friday deal this year. I wish you luck on your purchase. :)

Immorals2102d ago

Not bought it yet, waiting for some decent games!

And we don't have black Friday here in the UK (it's alright, we make better beer, so I can just get drunk and impulse buy)

DryBoneKoopa852103d ago

So is this only for the UK? If so what the hell Nintendo! What's with the no love for the states with Mario Kart 8.

Theparanerds2103d ago

Not that I'm aware of as of now. Until I get a press release from Nintendo of America

BigDuo2102d ago

It is probably because Nintendo is particularly desperate to revitalize Wii U sales in UK where it has performed the worst compared to the US and Japan. They need to give UK gamers a bigger incentive to buy Wii U than just to release Mario Kart 8 as a regular stand alone release. Nintendo likely wants to limit their losses with this bundle so they won't sell it globally. In Nintendo's mind, Mario Kart 8's stand alone release should be enough fo an incentive to boost hardware sales in Japan and North America.

Nintendo is still selling Wii U at a loss, so any game they bundle with the console is also being sold at a loss. If they do another price cut, then they'll naturally be selling Wii U at an even greater loss. According to Iwata's January speech, Nintendo has no plans to do another price cut this year. While that may not guarantee Nintendo won't resort to one later on this year, Nintendo desperately wants to try to get this console to stop bleeding money, so they can begin to recover and stabilize their financial situation with the Wii U since Wii U software sales have been fairly soft and the 3DS has not been enough to help compensate for it either.

iplay1up22102d ago

It will come to the US. Any sales generated that includes a Wii U console, is going to put a Wii U in a new home, and people are going to buy software at some point in time. Software is where the money is at. That is why PS3 was sold at a loss for years, because Sony knew that once a PS3 was in the home they would make the loss of selling the system at a loos up, by software sales.

randomass1712102d ago

Nintendo's UK marketing for this game has been much stronger than in any other region, so I guess they wanted to announce this pack for this region in particular. If the game sells well enough (which I think it honestly will) they'll probably do bundles for North America and Japan.

BlackWolf2103d ago

Awesome!! Expecting this bundle also makes it to US! (It better do)

Neonridr2103d ago

they would have to be stupid not to.

Activemessiah2102d ago

I think it's worldwide... jus not announced yet.

Neonridr2103d ago

Shame Nintendo didn't go all out and do a custom Mario Kart gamepad (like the Wind Waker bundle)

randomass1712102d ago

Dang, I never even thought of that. Too bad the Wii U pack doesn't come with the Blue Shell trophy either. I'd love to get my hands on that package. :D

Neonridr2102d ago

agreed, but at least my preordered copy comes with a blue shell poster (since I ordered it from EB Games in Canada).

RadeonXRay2103d ago

They should just have called it "Mario Kart 8 Premium Pack".
I understand that the 'special edition' may indicate they will only be making these for a limited periode, but there is nothing fancy about the bundle. It's a standard Premium Wii U Conosole and a copy of Mario Kart 8, no special art on either the gamepad or console.
Disappointing, but hopeefully they will sell like hotcakes! I wonder what the pricepoint is going to be.

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The story is too old to be commented.