Oculus Rift Crash Test Exhibit Released Online

VRFocus - The team behind the virtual reality (VR) car crash experience that was exhibited at shows such as the Sydney Royal Easter Show from 10th – 23rd April 2014 has released the experience online. The sofware is designed to promote road safety by providing a realistic car crash experience, just like those seen carried out with crash test dummies. The demo can be downloaded for free over on the Oculus VR Share Beta and works with the Oculus Rift VR headset.

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PCGamingNoobs2263d ago

can't say I've ever woken up in the morning and thought "you know what I really want to experience...... a car crash"

randomass1712262d ago

And then you played a Burnout game. :P

PCGamingNoobs2262d ago

ahh touché! i did love burnout!!

randomass1712262d ago

Ha, Burnout with VR would be terrifyingly awesome.

cfc782262d ago

Better to experience it this way than the other.

SpitFireAce852262d ago

Someone is going to have a heart attack...:)

randomass1712262d ago

Put them into a VR Mario Kart game. Then get the blue shell. THERE'S your heart attack. :P

lipton1012262d ago

I've experienced video game crashes thousands of times. Nothing comes close to the real thing. The shock of the hit. The ear piercing noise. The disorientation and confusion. The pain. The blood. And finally the flashback whenever you're on that street again despite all efforts to avoid that particular spot. Reading this brought all those memories back up. Absolutely horrible, I feel sick to my stomach right now.

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