Xbox One Halo and Sunset Overdrive Release Not Set Before 9/4; Japanese Announcement Misinterpreted

It has come to DualShockers' attention that many misinterpreted yesterday’s announcement of the Japanese release of the Xbox One on September 4th, and in particular a Famitsu article reporting the official press release from Microsoft Japan. The rumor is starting to filter over to media sources via the usual mechanics of internet rumors feeding upon themselves, so it’s time to squash it.

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jackanderson19852272d ago

did anyone truely believe halo was coming then? they'll dump it out around christmas time for those dolla dolla bills.... it's a system seller and what better time then christmas to release it... drums up the year end numbers, adds in the inevitable impulse buys and drives up the XBL subs

Abriael2272d ago

Apparently yes, some did. And yes, I'm as surprised as you are.

christocolus2272d ago

Not many though..

halo5 wont be out until 2015 and im guessing halo2 will launch sometime in november to coincide with its 10 yr anniversary, but im guessing sunset overdrive will launch sometime before halo2 though.

tuglu_pati2272d ago

Right now MS need Halo 5 as soon as possible and that is good and bad. Good because it will move consoles and bad because it will be rushed out of the gates. Maybe we could see Halo 2 instead of 5 but that would make much sense since i don think it will move the sales MS need.

k3rn3ll2272d ago

Im still holding out hope for this year but truly if they need more time Idont mind waiting. Got plenty of ggames to keep me occupied .

Still dont think they would use a trailer that says "ne xyz halo journey starts 2014" if they werent talking bout 5 especially since it has villain from #4.

How cool would it be if they released halo2 shortlt aafter e3?

Mikefizzled2272d ago

They obviously meant launch window. No way would they drop Halo and Sunset Overdrive at the beginning of September. Hell we don't even know what Halo it is yet.

Abriael2272d ago

Actually they didn't mean launch window as well. All they meant is that they're gonna released for Xbox One in the future. There was absolutely zero mention on when.

Mikefizzled2272d ago

True, I thought when they announced it in the first place it would be launch window. But as you said even on clearing up they continue to be vague.

Goku7812272d ago

They need to do more, they just arent doing it yet.

OrangePowerz2272d ago

KH3 and FF15 confirmed for release in Japan in September because that's when the X1 launches there :D

Abriael2272d ago

Crap really?! let me go write an article on that.

Someone actually did submit one about KH3 and FFXV appearing on the Xbox Japanese page, like it was news :P

AceBlazer132272d ago (Edited 2272d ago )

When a games announcement is a cgi trailer, don't expect a release date soon. Heck there are some games with tons of gameplay i wouldn't be surprised to see pushed back.DriveClub, FFXV i'm lookin at you.

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