inFamous: Second Son photo contest receives some shockingly good entries

Sucker Punch's X-Men-inspired open-world adventure inFamous: Second Son is often touted as a stellar showcase for the PS4. To accentuate its sublime artistry, Sucker Punch recently added a Photo Mode, so players could capture images of the game without a HUD. It sounded fairly pedestrian. We've all seen in-game screenshots before. Big Whoop, I thought. Then NeoGAF hosted a screenshot contest and the results are astonishing.

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Longshot282105d ago

This game is a reason to own a PS4.

Bugz2105d ago

I Myself own a X1... its not a biased opinion because lets face it, they're both great consoles in their own right....

But in terms of the exclusives that have been released so far, i would much rather have infamous second son than titanfall....

NeoTribe2105d ago

Well titanfall is not a true xbox exclusive so it hardly counts. Ryse would be a better comparison.

CJDUNCAN2105d ago

I have both and ISS lacks replayability after ypur second playthrough.

Bugz2105d ago


Titanfall only has online play and imo it gets boring very quickly.

NukaCola2105d ago

Two lay throughs with over 30 hours of gaming and the papertrails is well worth it. I don't know why the term "replayability" is used as a negative/positive judgment of games.

Jdoki2105d ago (Edited 2105d ago )


Because games cost a lot, and people want to feel like they got their money's worth.

If people are happy with a 8-12 hour game they never play again, that's cool - to each their own.

I liked inFamous, but do think it was lacking some replayability and content compared to the previous games. Was still worth the money, but only just.

ShinMaster2105d ago (Edited 2105d ago )


It's funny because you said AFTER your SECOND playthrough. Meaning that the game is replayable at least a second time.


Anyway, TITANFALL lacks the longevity, progression and features out the box that other multiplayer FPS games have. It's less replayable than games like COD. And for an online-only multiplayer game, that ain't good.

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sobotz2105d ago

No, Not really. I already finished this game twice, both Evil and Good. Yeah it's pretty, the lighting is awesome, although sometimes the framerate drops, and the gameplay, is too repetitive in my opinion.

I loved inFAMOUS 1 and 2, but this is almost the same as God of War's case.. It brings nothing new other than a new powers.

tl;dr It's a good game, but not a system seller.

TitanUp2105d ago

infamous gameplay is pretty darn good story is weak, still has a better story than most games out there.

metatronx2105d ago

@Farsen hmmm i sure love ISS story

2105d ago
tommy-cronin2105d ago

Biggest thing I love about these pictures are they are just taken by normal people who own the game, they all look like screenshots a developer would release when they announce a new game, but would never live up to the hype of the actual game.

press-start2105d ago

that's what I love about them to I have saved a few of the pictures I spotted on neogaf and WOW the game just looks beautiful the level of detail is amazing for the start of this gen.

This is one of my favorites and has become my wallpaper

KinjoTakemura2105d ago

Yeah. The "rain drops" shot is nice. Really shows off what the PS4 can do.

alan0012098d ago

Great pic :D
I want to share some pics on neogaf too but it taking a while for my account to be activated ¬_¬

here's one of mine :)

MasterCornholio2105d ago


Oh wait.

This game looks amazing.

corroios2105d ago

This is next gen gaming. Really amazing pics. I hope they show more pics like those

gamingisnotacrime2105d ago

I havebeen messing around with photo mode and even my lady is impressed by how great it looks. I find myself amazed by watching the still image with so many details and all is on real time gameplay. Sucker punch just made it difficult for other developers to impresws us

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