Gaming In Color: The new face of LGBTQ

Ryan Paul and Philip Jones explores the unique role gaming plays in the lives of the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, and Queer communities with the documentary, Gaming in Color.

This article takes a look at why the film is not only important for the LGBTQ communities, but also to gamers, developers and journalists.

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Choc_Salties2098d ago

The very thing that stems from gaming of this sort is that it is SUPPOSED to be a suspension of disbelief, where things like problems associated with real-world issues can be put aside for a bit. It is rather a sad thing that those issues that stem from the real world almost get magnified and increased of sorts to the point where the outside world almost seems bearable by comparison. This shouldn't be the case in something that basically is escapism.

what bugs me is that the type of other people that come into the various virtual worlds and THEIR supposed suspension of disbelief seems to revolve calling people names and then rubbing their opponents' faces in their defeat which somehow justifies the rest of the behaviour.

This is basically one point of view, but it does start bringing up a disturbing trend of what people are trying to escape from, that this type of behaviour seems appropriate.

Ah, the joys of the relative anonymity of the internet...

HanCilliers2098d ago

Excellent point, gaming is there so we can escape from certain real life shit. On the other hand, having the opportunity to engage in a same sex relationship through a game can be an escape or a real reflection. So that specific aspect should be included more in games cause it goes both ways, no pun intended

Choc_Salties2098d ago

Hey, all good with that, if you or your avatar want to go there, fine by me. Me, I just usually play female toons if I'm going to be playing in a third-person view, because if I'm looking at butts because the camera says so, I want to be looking at big booty in skimpy armour. My one SWTOR toon is an end-game Sith Sorceress, doesn't take take $%^# from no man! But she does look mighty fine with her slotted, dynamic armour-rated Sith Dancer's outfit!