Mark Zuckerberg Tried Out Project Morpheus Before Buying Oculus

VRFocus - It has been revealed the Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg tested Sony Computer Entertainment’s (SCE) Project Morpheus virtual reality (VR) headset for PlayStation 4 before making the decision to purchase Oculus Rift headset makers Oculus VR. PlayStation marketing executive Guy Longworth confirmed as much while speaking at the Games Marketing Summit 2014.

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DarkBlood2094d ago

He better have not thought of buying that he'd unleash too many hulks

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italiangamer2094d ago

He was so amazed by Morpheus that he had to buy Oculus to try to compete

escott0132094d ago

I've used the Oculus for both gaming and non-gaming. It's quite amazing on it's own.

aliengmr2094d ago

Always with the "competition". This is NOT a competition and won't be for many years.

See Sony, for all their greatness, simply can't do VR by itself. It doesn't have the market reach or the money. Sure they could make a great little peripheral for the PS4, but that's where it stays.

What Facebook and OVR bring to the table is market reach and money that VR (not just one company) needs. Sony has breathing room now. They can develop without having to also worry about generating mass appeal. Which may still prove impossible.

OVR, Facebook, and Sony need each other if VR has any hope of succeeding. The competition thing must wait until there is a market to compete for.

Battlefieldlover2094d ago

Competition drives innovation and pushes companies to better thier product and thier content. The compitition is a win for VR and the future of how we will view media.

aliengmr2093d ago


Yea yea, heard all that before, you are forgetting one thing though, "competition" requires a "market" to compete in.

VR is hopes and dreams right now. Most seem to forget this. VR can still fail to take hold, and that has NOTHING to do with competition. If VR fails, it remains a niche peripheral. This is an expensive venture for all involved.

Sony, OVR, and Facebook both have the same goal, convince the mainstream to buy VR. Once you have a market and VR stops being viewed as a gimmick, then you can start in on the "competition" and "innovation" stuff.

This also assumes that when/if a market is established that they will even share a market at all. If they're exclusive to their respective platforms "competition" won't mean much.

TitanUp2094d ago

still not sure about VR until i experience it myself, im a skeptic after all look how motion controls turned out. watch sonys gdc they are talking about using their VR for other things than just games.

I'm actually more interested in those things than i am the games. i like playing my games with a controller and tv ill never get used to playing any other way.

MeteorPanda2094d ago

l tried the oculus last was in a room looking around, it feels amazing walking with WASD and mouse then turning yuor head to the side or up.

it can work, just needs better resolution, what it has now is pretty low

FoxTC2094d ago

I tried it at the recent Gadget Show in the UK and was really impressed with the potential. Like you say needs better res.

It's going to be amazing in a few years.

Salooh2094d ago (Edited 2094d ago )

I don't mind the price as long as i see huge support for it like movies and AAA games.

maniacmayhem2094d ago

The reason I'm not fully on board with VR is the fact it completely separates you from your actual surroundings. Even when immersed in gaming I still like to know what's going on around my physical surroundings.

We are that much closer to the Matrix.

Insomnia_842094d ago (Edited 2094d ago )

Sony's product made him a believer and led him to the decision of acquiring Oculus. This makes me even more anxious for Project Morpheus!!

JasonKCK2094d ago

If that were the case then Zuckerberg could have thrown Sony some seriously needed cash, and bailed out the near bankrupt company. Zuckerberg could have probably got Morpheus for much cheaper considering Sony's financial situation. BTW Oculus was here first.

xavierbigdaddy19722094d ago

Wtf are you talking about. Sony is fine. Its yiur brain that is bankrupt.

Predaking772094d ago

Zuckerberg would have need to buy Sony as a whole in order to get Morpheus.

Is obvious Zuckerberg decision to buy Oculus was inspired by Morpheus.

Don't know why but somehow that hurts you deeply.

JasonKCK2094d ago (Edited 2094d ago )

I could care less and you guys should really do some research on Sony's financial problems. Climb out from under that rock. If Morpheus fails, Sony will be in much deeper than they are now. I know you guys hate hearing the truth, but there it is.

"Zuckerberg would have need to buy Sony as a whole in order to get Morpheus."

Sony can sell what ever assets they want without selling the company, any company can. This past year with Sony dropping PC, TV laying off people and selling off much of the company has proven that.

ibrake4naps2094d ago

Vr must be awesome if he dropped a couple billion on it after trying it. I can't wait! If it's not over 3 to 4 hundred, I'll be a day 1 guy :-)

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