I Don’t Know If I Believe In Godus

GamingLives' Adam airs his thoughts on how Peter Molyneux's upcoming God-Em-Up is shaping up. This is neither a preview nor a review, merely thoughts.

"I don’t think any number of changes or feedback will be able to turn Godus into something that I would recommend people spend money on. Being Early Access doesn’t excuse this, as no matter how early it is in its development, you should really have a solid idea of what your title is about. It’s a shame, because it’s an enjoyable proof of concept and the interaction mechanics are pretty sound – it could be a really good game, but I’m just not sure how they’re going to get it there."

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Jdoki2095d ago

I just couldn't reconcile the act of being an omnipotent, all powerful God, with game play mechanic of slowly unlocking cards that give powers, and finding stickers in chests to power up the cards.

It doesn't make sense.

gaminglives2095d ago

You know, I'm not sure anyone at 22Cans actually considered that bizarre reality! Such a good point.