Sony removes the ability to download previously unsupported PSP/PSone games on Vita

After Monday's PSN update, users were able to download PSone, and PSP games that previously weren't compatible with Vita. It looks like Sony has put a stop to that.

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GeofferyPeterson2266d ago (Edited 2266d ago )

Why the hell would they do that!? Just made a burger with their huge Cash Cow. Stupid move

sinncross2266d ago

Perhaps its possible that there is a licensing issue.

it might be similar to the remote play situation on PS3. You could technically remote play a bunch of PS3 games to the PSV but you were not allowed to do that via official channels because the software was not licensed to be streamed to a 2ndary device.

That is what I assume. But I do hope that Sony re-reverses this decision and allows everyone to download these games and for them to be played on their PSV's.

Kenshin_BATT0USAI2266d ago

This is exactly why actually. They can suffer legally quite a bit if they left it.

Kingthrash3602266d ago (Edited 2266d ago )

i know why but...
my vita just returned its new set of panties...

nypifisel2266d ago

Of course that is the case, not being very well versed in how all that works though it kinda surprises me how all these games always have been available in Europe but not NA.

Eonjay2266d ago


This shall be the word of the day.

ThanatosDMC2266d ago

Sony and their 180s... smh.

Gamer19822265d ago

Well they probably did it because it was a mistake in the first place and they didn't mean to do it. As for licensing if you already own the game there is no licensing issues. They didn't re-sell old games here they re-released older games for download that people had bought in the past and ones that are still available today (with still valid licenses) on PS3. They will no doubt put them back in my mind after an announcement in the future but for now they have removed them until said announcement is made.

fr0sty2265d ago

It could be legal issues, or the fact that the emulator wasn't running properly yet. I heard a lot of reports of framerate stutters and such.

UltimateMaster2265d ago

Just Download it on your PS3 and copy it to your Vita. It's that simple.

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TheGamez1002266d ago

I'm guessing because of hackers being able to exploit more games...otherwise yes, a stupid move.

Goro2266d ago

I doubt Sony give a sh*t about PS1/PSP games being exploited. They were exploited years ago when they released.

kayoss2266d ago

Its not the PS1/PSP they are worried about. Its using exploit within the PS1 or PSP games to hack the PS Vita system. This was how the PS Vita was hacked to play PSone all Psone games.

Tony-A2265d ago

I'm sure it was just down to licensing issues, which really really sucks and makes it look like a stupid move on our side. And if there's really no issue involved, then that really would be a stupid move because a lot of people would be using this feature.

I just really hope that they announce why they had to go back on it and apologize because a lot of people were excited about this and to take it out without explanation would come off as somewhat rude.

I just wanna play Crash on my Vita :/

Magicite2266d ago

it just have been some kind of system mistake from the start, we should have known that.

Christopher2265d ago

@Geoffery: It likely has more to do with licensing limitations than anything. They have to pay new licensing fees to allow games onto a new platform.

randomass1712265d ago

Such a shame. :( I hope they reverse this choice as soon as possible.

Joey_Leone2265d ago (Edited 2265d ago )

It was too good to be true. For now.

Mankey2265d ago

Best guess is it's probably a licensing issue. It seems silly but some publishers just don't want to even bother with the Vita.

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SpiralTear2266d ago

Curious what caused it in the first place, but still, that's a bummer they removed that ability.

Kenshin_BATT0USAI2266d ago

The update caused a glitch where games 'blocked' from going on vita were unblocked. I.e. seperate lines of code saying 'this can('t)happen' defaulted to 'this can happen'

Easiest way I can explain it. Hopefully it makes sense. Anyone whose dabbled in HTML should understand it. It's like an IF statement.

SpiralTear2266d ago

Ah, gotcha. That makes sense. Appreciate the info.

Still a bummer, though. I guess some folks got to reap the benefits before the fix.

DJ2265d ago

Ohh, makes sense now. Thanks Kenshin

randomass1712265d ago

Yeah, they're the lucky ones lol. I was up and ready to buy a Vita because of this, but sadly I simply don't have the money for it yet.

Soldierone2266d ago

Sucks that we live in a world where everyone goes "give me money!" instead of "sure go ahead, this could benefit the world."

mdluffy2266d ago

Sony would suffer legal issues, not worth it for them.

Soldierone2266d ago

I wasn't blaming Sony, its the publishers that are doing it.

Death2266d ago

What legal issues would Sony suffer allowing Sony published games from the PSP to be played on the Vita? How is it backwards compatability was never a legal issue until this happened?

randomass1712265d ago


There is a separate license for each playable version of those games. There is a license for the PS3 version, another one for the PSP version and yet another for the Vita version. For the third party developers and publishers involved, if even one of those licenses is sold without their say so, Sony could face a copyright violation lawsuit.

christian hour2265d ago

There's also specific regional licensing laws as well, even though the game has been reviewed by the EU/US/etc department in charge of such things for classification, it would have to undergo a similar process for a new platform despite being the same game, and they also charge fee's.

It's the same reason UK/US Netflix don't have the same content, even though you can bypass that with a proxy server or changing your DNS settings, they're still obligated to block off any proxys or DNS settings they find people using to access restricted content. Otherwise they'd face a whole bunch of legal issues.

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AndrewLB2266d ago

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Soldierone2266d ago

Thats fine and all, but we are talking about games that were made over two generations ago that already made their fair share of money. Then we are not getting them for free either, we are buying them again.

Then to top it off, its Sony porting them over, not the developers. So there really is no argument here. It's developers wanting money for licenses in all kinds of regions for no real reason at all, or them simply not allowing it.

If it was to cover costs, by all means do it. This isn't the issue though, and I see no reason not to let these games hit Vita beyond wanting to cash a big check that Sony doesn't need to give them.

dantesparda2266d ago (Edited 2266d ago )


Wow! Nobody wants to hear your nutty political views

Am_Ryder2266d ago (Edited 2266d ago )

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elninels2266d ago (Edited 2266d ago )

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On related news, im bummed about this, besides ffx my vita is growing lonely. Give me FFXII for vita please.

Edit: syntax&grammar

TheDevKit2266d ago

Yeah, you're deluded if you think it's that simple; much of our infrastructure utilizes socialistic tendencies.

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Seraphim2265d ago

We'd be damned without public schools, police departments, fire departments, public libraries, museums, postal service, prisons, sewer systems, the EPA, NPR, vaccines and of course, roads.

We could do w/o Public Schools and probably end up with a better education. Police we could less of. Fire use Volunteers. Public Libraries. Who needs them. Postal service, this day in age, we could live. Prisons, useless. Just kill the killers, pedophiles, rapists, etc. The prison system is a huge waste of tax payer dollars locking up petty criminals and leaving wastes of life in lock up their entire life w/ free food and health care. NPR, we can definitely live w/o. EPA and Roads. 2 things we do need. Vaccines questionably need though more so for children than adults. The Roman Empire did quite fine maintaining and building roads. Our Government already has too many roads, too many welfare programs, useless agencies and wasted $ to maintain what we have. Cut back on these programs and wasted money pits.

GeofferyPeterson2266d ago (Edited 2266d ago )

I still have the ability to buy the games on my Vita. What are the some of the best games I should buy now, before they stop me? Does FF7 work well on Vita?

kingdom182266d ago

Yes, now only a few ones that were already there still work. I can name Chrono Cross, FF7, FF8.

Jonny5isalive2266d ago

they should allow some of the better ones that work. Im not sure about now but when I got my vita I had to use my ps3 to put silent hill on it. It worked great, but I remember it wasnt on the vita store. I dont have my ps3 anymore so I couldnt get those games if I wanted I guess.