Watch Dogs: First Look at Motorcycle Gameplay And A City Blackout

GameVerb writes: Take a look at motorcycles in action, plus the hack "Blackout" in new gameplay footage from Watch Dogs.

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MWong2098d ago

I can see I will only want to drive a bike in this game.

2098d ago
cfc782098d ago

Impressed with that explosion looks really nice.

Darth_Yoda2098d ago

Riding a motorcycles while hacking. That's what i do first.

ZEROleafSK8ER2098d ago

Wow I just got very excited for this game!

Geekman2098d ago

I'm only gonna be using the bike. It's faster and eadier to get out of in a crash. This also applies to real life. Not that I'm a vigilante....

Audiggity2098d ago

"This also applies to real life" - haha, yes, if you count being ejected from a bike at 115 mph (without a helmet apparently). It certainly applies to real life!

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