New Classes Trailer for Destiny Helps you Know Your Role

Revealed ahead of the preview embargo set for April 28th, GameHQMedia on YouTube has given us a taste of the upcoming title Destiny, including the role you may be playing as a Titan, Hunter or Warlock.

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Hi3i2105d ago

I dont like any of those helms

JoeIsMad2105d ago

Bungie has some pretty great sci-fi designs, but I hope at least one helmet isn't fully enclosed.

brich2332105d ago (Edited 2105d ago )

Seems like they are all enclosed, like master chief.

kneon2105d ago

Helmets are far easier to render than faces.

rdgneoz32105d ago

They're going for the faceless hero like Master Chief.

marlinfan102105d ago

the helmets are all fully enclosed from what I've seen. when you're walking around the trade center area youll be able to take it off though

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Stevefantisy2105d ago

Never was into sci-fantasy games to much but this game looks really good. I'm looking forward to trying it out. The jobs look fun as well, hopefully there is a place for guys like me that are not so good at shooters.

JoeIsMad2105d ago

I think that anyone who can aim fairly well should have a good time.