Top Ten JRPG Final Boss Themes (Spoilers)

SuperPhillip Central writes, "There are sometimes top ten lists that write themselves. You can easily select ten items and bestow them with an order no sweat. This is one of those lists that was incredibly arduous to pick from the hundreds of JRPGs that had the most marvelous final boss themes to them. Still, we overcame the struggle of selecting ten themes from ten games and just ten, and we pretty much reached a compromise among staff. This list contains what we deem the best final boss battle themes in JRPG history. If you think we left out any good ones (which we most likely did with only ten picks out of hundreds of games), please let us know in the comments section below.

Also, it's important to note that we've tried to limit the amount of spoilers in this article, but you should still tread carefully. We mostly talk about older games, but there are a couple more recent titles that you may not have been able to play yet. In that case, we don't show the final boss's picture."

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miyamoto3330d ago

Phantasy Star IV!
One of the most epic JRPG final bosses!
Grand Cross!!!!!!!!!!

Of course there is my fight with Freaking Kefka in Final Fantasy VI!

Reviews2Go3330d ago

I love that Pokemon made it into this. They had great battle music back in the day.

Skate-AK3330d ago

Dragon God-Chrono Cross. Awesome song.

Eonjay3330d ago (Edited 3330d ago )

Invisible Depths - Caius FFXIII-2

joab7773330d ago

I cant disagree with you. But it will forever be overlooked for one reason, b/c SE somehow forgot that better graphics do not mean u have to change everything. We want more of what we love!!

Just looking at this list, which is amazing, makes me want more really good console jrpgs. Ni No Kuni proved that u can use this new tech to make an amzing jrpg. They dont all have to be niche portable games.

Chard3329d ago

List needs more Mana Beast theme

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