Controversial failed ds game Bobs game Now on Kickstarter

Bobs game is the game made by one man that was nearly made for nintendo ds .

"bob's game" is a game about a puzzle game called 'bob's game,' developed within the game by the virtual "bob" character, the "final boss" of the game. It is a hybrid between Zelda, Pokemon, Harvest Moon, and Earthbound, with massively multiplayer elements.

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diesoft2104d ago

If this guy didn't seem so insanely arrogant and out of touch with reality then his game might seem ok. At this point his lunacy is bigger than his game.

ctorretta2104d ago

Holy crap, diesoft you weren't kidding. His arrogance is almost parody levels. It is almost hard to believe that it isn't somebody trolling us by trying to act like the biggest douche on the planet.

ctorretta2104d ago

Just gonna leave this here (from his Kickstarter):

[Bob's Game] is a new religion for the modern world, inspired by and intended as a natural spiritual successor to previous disguised religion games such as Earthbound and Zelda and movie retellings of an ancient spellbook (The Old Testament) such as "The Matrix."

Skate-AK2104d ago

Lol. Bob sounds like he is quite crazy.

strydum2103d ago

This game is going to be great if it happens

TitanUp2103d ago (Edited 2103d ago )

this guy has issues, this has cracked me up

"actually alters reality itself for those who play it."