There's A Flyable Spaceship In GTA V, Thanks To Modders

Patricia Hernandez: You can collect spaceship parts in GTA V. You can even spot some UFOs in-game, if you play your cards right. But now modders have found a way to make spaceships actually playable in GTA V, which is amazing. You can see the mod in-action in this footage by TwoDynamic—mostly, he just flies around Los Santos, but still! It's the same spaceship you can see in Mount Chiliad, when you get 100% completion in the game.

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-Foxtrot2095d ago

Seriously this sort of stuff should of been in GTAV in the first place. I don't see why we need to rely on modders to get the stuff we want.

Maybe if Rockstar wern't so busy with the online they would of had time to focus on other things

Ghost Cars
Big Foot
Leather face

and so on

imtheman20132095d ago

Saints Row IV exists if you enjoy things like that. Personally, I like the satirical humor provided by GTA over the slapstick style that comes with Saints Row and the like. I think Rockstar left that all behind with GTA:SA, and for the better if you ask me.

Jonny5isalive2095d ago

I think the stories in all the games they have a part in have improved. GTA 4, Mafia 2, La noir, red dead redemption are good examples. I havent played gta 5 yet, but im sure it will be good too.

Matt6662095d ago (Edited 2095d ago )

I agree with you, I remember for GTA SA, there where all sorts of rumors and myths like big foot, UFO's etc. In my opinion I miss all of that and why I think GTA SA was much better then GTA4 and 5. There was just something about driving and exploring the beautiful scenery of Los Santos just to hope that I would spot something.

Lowsnamebrand2095d ago

Dang I heard about this weeks ago on a ps3 homebrew site kotaku must be slacking, i believe you need a custom firmware ps3 to do this mod...

aLiEnViSiToR2095d ago

oh that looks just like my ride O_o

Ripsta7th2095d ago

Man can't wait for ps4 version. I believe its going to have 32 online players? Damn is gonna be so chaotic. I hope all these stuff we've seen recently will be in the game

AnEwGuY2095d ago

Don't get too excited people ; it's actually just a frisbee.

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