Stunning New Screenshots of The Crew show Times Square, Miami and other locations

Some fresh screenshots of The Crew have emerged, showing various vehicles in locations across the US – your playground in the open-word racing game by Ivory Tower and Ubisoft Reflections.

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Abash2094d ago

Looks great, I just hope the pay to win aspect of the game doesnt ruin the experience

waltyftm2094d ago

Agreed, paying to win always feels like cheating to me.

Dee_912094d ago

I can't help but feel they will milk the hell out of this game with DLC. That is a wide variety of cars in those few screens however.

BootHammer2094d ago

Love the rally cars shot!

1nsomniac2094d ago

I had absolutely no interest in this game what so ever but those pics just peaked my interest.

LightDiego2094d ago

I'm not from USA, but can you go from Miami to NY that fast?

Hk85karlsson2094d ago

It´s not a 1:1 scale. Is this really news to people?

LightDiego2094d ago

I like realism in my games.

waltyftm2094d ago

Looks good, and some very nice car choices in there too.

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