The Final Bosman: So Xbox One Lost the Sprint

Kyle lays out how Microsoft can still win the marathon! (11:58)

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AKissFromDaddy2106d ago (Edited 2106d ago )

I love this show. I love this man. Kyle Bosman is awesome.

The music stopping kills me. The editing is perfect.

Deep satire like a South Park episode. Very smart. I turn off adblock watching The Final Bosman.

PS. The Last Levelle will always get better ratings than The Final Bosman, lmao.

PSS. The Tie = TitanFall; The Last Levelle = PS4; The Final Bosman = Xbox One; The Ending Credis = WiiU

X-Alchemist2106d ago

Couldn't Agree more, Kyle is great and he's the only reason I visit game-trailers. Would be awesome to meet him

UnbiasedOpinions2106d ago

i like Kyle, sometimes he comes off as goofy though not in a good way

Godmars2902106d ago

They've never done a marathon.

No wait. Maybe with the first Xbox they tried to run a marathon, only Sony may as well have been from Kenya.

combolock2106d ago

that is why it is so interesting! Xbox is in uncharted could be a puddle or it could be the deep ocean! GO XBOX!

anesthesique2106d ago

Kyle Bosman is a genius, he really gets what gamers want and feel, and he isn't affraid to call them how they are.

Mikefizzled2106d ago (Edited 2106d ago )

Bosman once again proving hes level headed and knowledgeable. Great episode with brilliant running satire.

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