Podcast Beyond Episode 339: When Will We Get Uncharted PS4?

With yet another departure from the project, the Internet's No. 1 PlayStation podcast debates when we'll see Naughty Dog's next.

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Thatguy-3102102d ago

I'll guess summer of next year. Around the same time The Last of Us was released

miyamoto2102d ago (Edited 2102d ago )


Uncharted 4
1. Revealed @ VGA 2013
2. if first trailer is @ E3 2014....
3. Then summer or fall of 2015 is a possibility.

Do you guys notice the change in tone of IGN towards PlayStation this new generation?

Pretty telling about what gaming platform brand is winning the masses, eh?

TitanUp2101d ago

this is a playstation focused podcast, so its not that surprising.

Mankey2101d ago

Give it some time. But yeah probably summer to late next year is a pretty good estimate.

nicksetzer12102d ago

Fall 2015 still my guess, same as I said at announce trailer. Doubt it is going to be any later than originally expected, but definitely not 2014 and some people continually claim.

3xkrazy2101d ago

Do we really need more news about SP games? When will we get a MP game (Warhawk 2...cough*) that justifies Sony's new PS+ model?

king_george2101d ago

I never got the chance to play warhawk in its prime i would love a proper sequel. From the youtube vids it looks awesome even today

Skate-AK2101d ago

Sometime this year. Although they might push it back so that The Order 1886 gets the spotlight.

KingofGambling2101d ago

Did anyone saw the part about Suikoden II coming to the PSN?

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