Stick It to the Man Dated for Europe

Nintendo of Europe have added the eShop listing for Zoink’s debut Wii U eShop game, Stick it to the Man.

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kwandar2100d ago

I'm going to stick it to the man alright ... and his name is NINTENDO.

Nintendo, I'm PISSED. I've spent $300+ on the Eshop, and now I need a second console in the home - and you've screwed your customer over. Unlike a disk, I can only use the games I've purchased on ONE CONSOLE?! What?! I understand if I can only download my content to one console at a time, but this is just STUPID.

Nintendo, I pay a PREMIUM price on eshop because it is convenient. Now I find out I paid a premium and got LESS! This has me so annoyed I'm not buying. I may have to buy a PS4 now too .... because I am not re-purchasing software for a second Wii U. This is a RIP OFF!!

So ... Nintendo ... (with apologies to the poor developers) ... I'm no longer shopping Eshop - I'm boycotting.