GamesBeat: Activision brings life to toys in Skylanders: Trap Team (preview)

Activision is announcing the Skylanders: Trap Team video game as the latest installment of a series that has generated more than $2 billion in revenue through a clever melding of toys and video games. The newest version has innovations that change the motto of “bringing toys to life” by reversing it and “bringing life to toys.”

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darkronin2293088d ago

Genius move to keep changing up the toys, but man, I'm thankful I'm not a fan of them. Can't imagine how much people have spent collecting these toys plus the others with Disney Infinity.

JeffGrubb3088d ago

I wouldn't bet against this franchise anytime soon, but you gotta think that Activision is gonna think of a way to make money without having to sell a new game every year.

deantak3088d ago

Sock it to Disney. What's the next Infinity?