Super Smash Bros. Release Window Reactions

"Of course, part of the big news from the recent Super Smash Bros. Nintendo Direct has been the release dates for the next games on Wii U and 3DS. Thus far, it seems like we only have windows to work with – Smash 3DS will be arriving in the summer and Smash Wii U in the winter" -- Nintendo Enthusiast.

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eaise2095d ago

At first I was mad that the Wii U version was coming out after the 3DS version. Then i realized it was a smart move. The 3DS version will help create more hype for the Wii U version. Which will then compel people to buy it in the winter. Simce the Wii U version will be the best version of the game I don't see the 3DS version taking away the sales from it. People will either wait for the Wii U version, like myself, or own both versions. I'm not saying people won't buy just the 3DS version I just mean that the majority of Smash players will get the Wii U version

slivery2095d ago (Edited 2095d ago )

I really don't know, I know many will disagree with me but I think it could go both ways. I don't think anyone can say it is a good idea or a bad idea right now because we won't know until it releases on the Wii U.

Just to keep it short, I was going to buy this on the Wii U but now I honestly don't see a reason to, I want to play this game soon and it obviously is not going to be any worse just because it is on the 3DS. Sakurai clearly would not stiff his fans that way by giving them a grossly inferior version.

Currently all the Wii U version has is better graphics, which to me is not enough to persuade me to wait that long for it. The character roster is the same, the characters play the same on both versions, so to me that is all that matters is the gameplay. Knowing it isn't vastly different why would I wait that long really? I want to support my Wii U but I also own a 3DS and if I can get a same satisfying experience from the 3DS first, I simply will but I am not going to buy the game a second time for the Wii U.

Probably won't help that the 3DS is cheaper and the 3DS version will be cheaper too.

Sadly I am not the only one who feels this way, I got a couple friends with Wii U's, they are not holding out either. They are all completely fine getting the 3DS version like me.

The 3DS version looks incredible, no one can deny that, for it being on the 3DS the graphics look great, honestly at times look almost as good as the Wii U's given the 3DS screens perspective. I said "almost"..

I have never cared that much about graphics for Nintendo's games anyway and I surely don't care that much now, a good game is a good game and like I said the 3DS version is not going to be any worse because it is weaker than the Wii U. So I just can't justify spending another $60 dollars later to mainly play the same game.

Yea I know, wasn't that short but trust me it was way longer than this..

Anyway I truly hope it does well on the Wii U because if games like this and MK8 don't start picking up the Wii U's sales, I would actually start to really worry about its future. That would definitely be the final nail in the coffin and if their best selling franchises cannot save it, I seriously don't know what could.

Unfortunately I will not be waiting for the Wii U version, so sorry. I have supported the system enough, I don't feel like I should be pressured to further. I didn't make the system and it honestly is not my job to sell it either as harsh as that may sound.

randomass1712095d ago

Keep in mind, they haven't announced any of the exclusive modes and features for the Wii U version. I would think that the good Miiverse options will probably be in that version, for example. Also don't forget about local multiplayer on an HDTV. If you want a tournament, you're gonna want that HD version. They also have said that there is incentive to buy both versions, so who knows? Maybe the 3DS version will help sell the Wii U version.

Geekman2095d ago

No offense, dude but I think your mental. The only reason NOT to buy the Wii U version is if

A. You don't have a Wii U

B. You don't want to pay for the game twice.

You DO have a Wii U, and while B is reasonable, buying both versions only costs about 100 bucks, spanned out between times won't take too much money out of you.

Smash bros was MEANT to be played on the Wii U. That's why every trailer, every reveal, and 80% of the Pic of the Days are from *drumroll* the Wii U version. Stable online, amazing graphics, balaced stages, everything 60fps, not to mention it's easier AND cheaper to play with friends. And an extra mode is BOUND to be coming.

So you have no reason not to get the Wii U version.

randomass1712095d ago


I don't think he's mental, but I do believe he is misreading the market a little bit. I think a lot of the hype will be driven toward the Wii U version as oppose to the 3DS version because of the holiday slam. Think about it. If Nintendo advertises Smash the way they are advertising Mario Kart and combine it with a $50 price cut for the console? Bam. Instant success. There is no way anyone would deny themselves a deal like that.

3-4-52095d ago

Different Stages is enough for me to want both versions.

That and I happen to have both a 3DS & a Wii U finally so I can.

* IMO 3DS version is going to be really cool, but the Smash Bros Wii U is THE definitive version of this new Smash game.

* You CAN'T play local multiplayer on 3DS unless everyone has a 3DS.

^- With the Wii U, you just need 2,3,4 controllers for everyone to be able to play locally, which is still most likely the most fun way to play and the best experience your going to have.

NovasRevenge2095d ago (Edited 2095d ago )

no they should have released the wii u version first. releasing the 3ds version first is just dumb.

Dudebro902095d ago

Releasing a huge product on your most successful platform first is a terrible idea?

Sounds legit...

slivery2095d ago (Edited 2095d ago )

The problem I see with that statement, is a game this big, you should want to push it on a your system that isn't doing as well first. People would have no other way to play this game, they would then basically be forced to want to buy a Wii U just to get a taste.

Now that could possibly change, not saying it will but as I said it could really go both ways.

Why? Easy, it wouldn't matter when the 3DS version comes out, it will sell no matter what, everyone knows this. So they could have really released it later than the Wii U, it wasn't going to hurt 3DS sales and don't they honestly have enough money from the 3DS as it is? It is a fact there are way more people with a 3DS than a Wii U. So why not put it on the Wii U first to actually entice the public into wanting the system?

The user base difference alone warrant a Wii U release first. The 3DS will be fine.

I am one of the people who happily would have bought it for the Wii U if it released at the same time or first but now I won't. I am not going to wait that long to play a very similar version, as I mentioned above the 3DS version is not going to be vastly inferior besides graphically speaking.. So believe it or not there are a lot of people who are just going to get the 3DS version and be perfectly happy with it.

The characters are the same, the gameplay is the same across both versions, so right now all the Wii U has going for it is a version with better graphics. I fear for many that will not be enough and as I said I have never cared that much about graphics when it comes to Nintendo's games so it definitely is not enough for me.

Even if the Wii U gets its own mode, I still won't see it as enough to make me want to wait that long just to play it on the Wii U.

levian2095d ago

Good point silvery.

I can see a LOT of people not buying the Wii U version, as the 3DS will be the same game with toned down graphics. Why pay twice for the same thing?

The thing is, the 3DS version will always have sold, even if the Wii U version came out first. The 3DS is an insanely popular console and a LOT of people like the ability to play games on the go. Just out of sheer numbers, the 3DS would have sold a ton even if the Wii U one came out first.

I really want Smash, and I'm considering getting it for the 3DS. If I do, I probably won't get it on the Wii U. But then again, I find the 3DS controls awkward, that analog stick kills me, and holding the system too long just cramps my hands. Still undecided atm

N4g_null2095d ago

I think I'll get both but I'll be playing the wiiu version... good luck playing with no game pad. The 3ds needs a redesign control wise. Hey but that could be the big suprise. Wiiu portable. ....

Baccra172095d ago

Release them both at the same time.

randomass1712095d ago

But that would make us have to wait even longer! D:

slivery2095d ago (Edited 2095d ago )

The way I look at it is, I could give you many reasons as to why it may help the Wii U but I could also give you many reasons as to why it may not help the Wii U.

So I really don't know.

I can only hope it does well on the Wii U and also hope that it helps sell more of them because I don't think the game just doing good is enough, the Wii U needs hardware sales badly. If this and MK8 don't start selling more Wii U's, what will? As those two games are amongst Nintendo's most popular titles.

syne492095d ago

They don't want people to have to choose which version to buy. Which may potentially backfire but it ensures the system (the 3ds)that has a much larger user base won't swallow the other.

randomass1712095d ago

Unless they had cross-buy at launch, selling both versions at the same time would just create software cannibalism. The 3DS version would eat the Wii U version alive. Separating the two and releasing the Wii U version during the heat of the holiday shopping season is a lot smarter than we think it is.

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