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GR - The first NES Remix was a mixed bag. On one hand, reliving the classics in bold new ways was familiar yet refreshing, but on the other hand, it fell short of delivering the full dose of nostalgia Nintendo is capable of giving its arsenal of favorites and franchises.

Specifically, in my review of the original NES Remix I had offered Metroid, Punch Out!!, and Zelda II: The Adventure of Link as examples that were glaringly omitted. So imagine the satisfaction I feel as a reviewer and a consumer to see the things I asked for delivered to me in a more cohesive package. NES Remix 2 feels much more complete than its predecessor, but the first game's existence does detract from the sequel’s satiety—​the reason being that none of the games from the first NES Remix appear in NES Remix 2, so Nintendo weakened this second dose by eliminating a few favorites from being featured alongside those I've already mentioned.

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dbjj120882097d ago

Love the retro style and celebration in these games

insertcoin2097d ago

Where's our SNES Remix?!