Japanese Gamers Bidding Over $150 To see Asuna in a Nighty in Sword Art Online PS Vita Game

The Japanese convenience store chain Family Market ran a promotion awarding customers with a costume for the PS Vita JRPG Sword Art Online: Hollow Fragment (that will come west this summer). The costume, named "Pajama" is actually a pretty demure pink nighty, and apparently there are numerous Japanese gamers that like that nighty a whole lot.

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teflontactics2097d ago

I wouldn't pay $150 for it, but make it 99 cent DLC and I'm down.

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Genova842097d ago

I wouldn't spend a penny on it. Then again, I would never spend money on any purely aesthetic dlc.

cfc782097d ago

Nothing new they've always paid to see that sort of thing over there,nighty's must be the new school uniform.

Hicken2097d ago

Not really, but Asuna's pretty popular, and the premise of the series lends itself pretty easily to such outfits.

Not in that it's geared towards perversion or anything like that. But the character in particular got married, and this scene in the show was rather popular, too.

cfc782097d ago

I was joking but thanks for the info.

VanguardOfCalamity2097d ago

if you understand what an "Otaku" is... then $150 is quite reasonable XD

monkeyDzoro2097d ago

That's some weirdos. LooooooooL. If you want some hentai there's a lot on this Internet. No need to pay $150 for that. WTF ?!

Geekman2097d ago

That country and its handhelds. What's next, 200 dollars for Tomodachi Life?

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