How the PS4 version of Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn stacks up to the PC, PS3 versions

Square Enix has now released Final Fantasy XIV on its newest console, the PlayStation 4. Should PC players convert and buy a PS4 copy on top of their existing account? Should anyone playing the game on a PS3 bother to take up the offer for a free upgrade? Here are the pros and cons of the PlayStation 4 port.

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Sadie21002103d ago

Final Fantasy wins on the PC.


i agree, theres no advantage the PS4 version has on the PC version.

kingduqc2103d ago

There isn't much reason to own a ps4 right now... most games are multiplat and pc is king of it.

Aggesan2103d ago

There is one advantage. Remote play. Last weekend I was visiting my parents (400 km away from my home where my ps4 is) and tried using remote play on my Vita. I had no issue healing through coil 1-4 (which is how far I've progressed so far). The lag is minimal with a good internet connection. Remote play is simply an awesome feature that PC doesn't have.

2103d ago
NegativeCreepWA2103d ago

Actually I've seen one advantage, they can skip cut scenes faster. But then you're waiting for them to load afterwards.

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joab7772103d ago (Edited 2103d ago )

Yeah there is. It looks just as good, it can use a mouse and keyboard, and I am playing it on my 50" TV. And while I like M&K and I use it to communicate and navigate, I have found that there is something quite amazing about using the DS4 to play...just feels better!

Its an amazing game. And it isnt about whether its better than PC. Its about the fact that it is an mmo that is just as good as the PC but on console. If u love this game and u can afford it, its worth the upgrade from ps3 to ps4.

So to answer how its stacks a boss!!!

Vegamyster2103d ago

" Its about the fact that it is an mmo that is just as good as the PC but on console."

Assuming the lower frame rate doesn't bug you.

dcj05242103d ago (Edited 2103d ago )

Sakes here DS4+Keyboard is perfect for me. Touchpad for mouse-y things like arcanist pet commamds.And I just enjoy playing more with it then a mouse. ^ Never experienced a frame rate drop at all.

ThatOneGuyThere2103d ago

also, the UI on teh ps4 version is garbage. they forced PC UI into the console experience and it doesnt work. If it was proper console playable, I would have got the game instead of quitting the beta.

Fixay2103d ago

I found it very playable, apart from the originally small text. I soon realised you could increase the text size and make the map etc bigger.

I also felt the mouse on the DS4 worked pretty well too. I can get what you mean though, just i guess you found it more of a problem than i did i guess lol

ThatOneGuyThere2103d ago

its not the text. that didnt bother me. its having to use the touchpad...all the time. play DCUO, then play this. its night and day in terms of usability. i wish i could try a trial out of final fantasy on the probably enjoy it more there.

joab7772103d ago (Edited 2103d ago )

So, u won't play an amazing game b/c of the touchpad on the DS4? Hook up a mouse. I use a mouse and keyboard for UI navigation and communication and the controller to play.

Seriously, I've played DCUO quite awhile and used a similar setup. I actually think the track pad is intuitive. Theres a lot more going a on than DCUO. And it cheaper to play!!!! Dont get me wrong, there r things I love about DCUO and im sure ill go back and take a week to run through all the new content, but then its all about spending money to spam content to get better gear. And not a whole lot else. I do miss ppl though!

I do hope u give it another try.

Shad0wRunner2103d ago

First of all...they didnt "force" anything PC-like into the PS4 version of FFXIV. The touchpad-mouse and keyboard support are there as OPTIONS only. You dont have to use them. You can just play with a DS4 controller, if you like. Square-Enix wanted to give the user base plenty of room for options and accessory support as possible, because no 2 players play alike, in today's gaming age. Some prefer the controller...some prefer M&K. Regardless of your preference, the options are there on the PS4, for you to tweak to your own liking.

And I disagree. I have the PS4 version and I feel like it plays and handles very well with M&K or DS4. It's not confusing. It's not hard and it doesnt affect the gameplay in a negative way, at all. Maybe youre just too closed minded to a little change, that you absolutely refuse the idea of integrating PC-like UI and controls in a console based game.

But...I understand this is just YOUR opinion based on your experience. If you didnt like it, that's fine. Just keep in mind, theres a lot more of us out there, that DO like it. I dont know what to tell ya, just works. ^_-

iDadio2103d ago

The UI gets more feasible once you get used to it and know the shortcuts, for exams I hated the map system on the beta but now I know how to toggle quickly between having it selected or not feels a lot more natural.
Also pressing L1 and R3 together turns left stick into the mouse for the more finicky uses, obviously not ideal in combat but good for the city etc.

ThatOneGuyThere2103d ago

it just seemed overly complicated. then again, its a lot more simple than EQ1 which i still think is the best MMO ever made. so, eh. lol

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Fixay2103d ago

Just out of interest..

Are you a PC gamer and do you play this on PC? I only ask because ive seen a few comments saying something about the PS4 version made the game feel and look better? I'm not starting an argument lol but ive honestly heard this on N4G isit true in anyway ? Or isit just bull *****

dcj05242103d ago

It feepse better. More fluid movement, and I like holding the DS4. Feels nice. Also I feel more involved when it comes to melee classes (Puligist, Monk,Lancer ect)>.< button mashing for the win! If your in Jenova hit me up >>>>DeVaughn Jackson

eraisu2103d ago

but are you gonna play it?

i dont think so

TitanUp2103d ago (Edited 2103d ago )

does it really matter? its still the same game on both platforms.

that is why i disagree with you BLK

some people play games on console and others pc in this case both games have the same amount of content and they have the same gameplay.

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ColManischewitz2103d ago

I like that Square Enix isn't charging PS3 players extra to play the PS4 -- it's a free upgrade for them.


for those of you that diaagree with me about the PS4 version has no advantage over the PC version id like you to explain why you feel im wrong. I love how people on this site will just disagree but refuse to state why. and to the person whos gunna defend then with the usual"they probably disagree with u because*insert random reason*" please let them speak for themselves. and no i didnt expect the PS4 version to have an advantage.

Name Last Name2103d ago

I didn't disagree with you but I prefer the ps4 version because I can lie on my bed in total relaxation while playing.

mysteryraz112103d ago

pc elitists are annoying ill get the ps4 version cause its on my 400 dollar console I dont need anything else

iDadio2103d ago

Having played multiple mmo's on the PC I was a bit dubious about how this would for on console but after trying the beta and more recently purchasing it for the ps4 I think it's pretty solid.
Sure the use of touchpad annoys me but once you get used to the UI it's actually designed pretty well.

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