Xbox One: At Least 32 Unannounced Games Revealed by Japanese Developer List

Today Microsoft Japan released a list of developers and publishers that have games planned for Xbox One, and that quite impressive list hides an even more impressive piece of information: only a few of those developers and publishers have already announced their games, meaning that there are quite a few brewing behind the scenes and yet unknown.

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TimeSkipLuffy2095d ago

They need the support even if it would mean to throw a lot of money towards japanese game studios and publish their games. At least if they don't want to fail in Japan again.

Lightning Mr Bubbles2095d ago

Fail in Japan again? If by fail it means sell less than PS4 or Wii U.

2095d ago
DarXyde2095d ago

Er...I would definitely say that Microsoft failed in Japan. No biases intended, but Japan isn't exactly keen on the idea of supporting American products over their own. Apple might be an exception. Overall, there's a focus on sleekness and color choices. Small consoles seem to do better in Japan (PS2 and PS3 sold even better following hardware revisions and different editions). One of the Japanese complaints was the size of the XBOX. A guy even broke his Tales of Vesperia after finding out it was also coming to PlayStation 3. The interest just isn't there when PlayStation and Nintendo exist.

On topic: Some of these I imagine are exclusive, but I saw Nippon Ichi and that sort of put this list into perspective. NIS loves PlayStation and I can't imagine they'd leave them out to hang. Regardless, it's good to see XBOX One gaining some Japanese support. XBOX One has the potential to do better than XBOX 360 and XBOX (which really isn't hard to do, considering the original XBOX only broke about 2 million in sales). Assuming console gaming still has a strong presence in Japan, it should do at least as good as the original XBOX.

Gekko362094d ago (Edited 2094d ago )

Here we go again!. I am completely flabbergasted by the consensus of most gamers, where by manufacturers MUST do well in Japan. I have never found Japanese games interesting and or entertaining in any way shape or form.

Don't get me wrong I'm sure there is a tiny percentage of western gamers that enjoy that kind of thing, but when did it become accepted that Japan is or was the zeitgeist of Gaming?

We are more connected now in a global economy. So why on earth are we prepared to put prestige on Japan's preferences and then make judgement on global significance.

If Japan doesn't like the Xbox brand, well that's fine. Japan is like America in one particular way, they are insular.

The point is, no one really cares, except journalists and the odd gaming nutter.

On Topic: The fact that MS Japan has so many hidden games in development is fantastic. However my only hope is that they are all aimed at the western markets, since that way they will make more money globally as the audience will be far bigger

Ninja_G_Aidan2094d ago

"fail in Japan" Not worldwide elsewhere! Xbox done terrible in Japan.

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Army_of_Darkness2095d ago

I think MS will have it much harder this generation still because the way I see it is that since MS has 32 unannounced Japanese games, you multiply that by 2 or 3 and you'll get the amount of PS4 unannounced Jap games ;-)

amazinglover2095d ago

I don't think games will be the main reason for MS failing again if they do I think it has more to do with the culture. Also how many on that list will be also available for PS4 with both consoles being x86 and next gen gaming engines making cross development a breeze. Would love to see X1 succeed in Japan to give consumers more choice but I just don't see Sony giving them this generation either.

DigitalRaptor2095d ago (Edited 2095d ago )

Most of these 32 games will be on PS4 also, since Japanese developers are smarter than to go exclusively to a console brand that has historically tanked in every respect in their nation.

I find it funny when people see a headline and don't fully take in things like that. 32 exclusives for Japan is absurd. Even 15 unannounced Japanese exclusives would be absurd...

And of course, there WILL be a heck of a lot more Japanese games from first, second and third party studios on PS4, just like PS3 had landslide support last-gen.

nerdman672095d ago

Whether that is true or not, the reason the X1 wont do well in japan is because gamers over there only really care about Playstation.

k3rn3ll2094d ago

Then how come they only had a couple at launch? Japan hardware sales have nosedive since thw ps4 arrived there because of it. There's nothing for them to play that is aimed for tbem

Alsybub2094d ago



The Japanese game market is, very much, led by the games.

As it should be.

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AnimeFreak0132095d ago

Yeah I agree but then again I'm just happy that MS is trying really hard to bring japanese games to the console like FFXV and KH3 being on X1 besides PS4.

TimeSkipLuffy2094d ago

I agree that the fire is on recently and I respect that they are willing to put so much effort. I only hope it will last long enough.
Anyway. From a PS gamer I really like that they just give up and instead show their muscles.

Axios22095d ago

Excellent news

Hopefully this will translate to a marked increase in the X1's already AAA leading library

cfc782095d ago

Anything goods a plus probably a lot of multiplats in there not sure how many will be exclusive.

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nicksetzer12095d ago ShowReplies(4)
GameDev12095d ago

Errr most of these games will be on the PS4 too. Just saying

TimeSkipLuffy2093d ago

Probably yes because it they would make more money. Unless MS is willing to finance the whole thing. I think we might see some exclusives of some popular titles in Japan... I'm afraid it will be titles I would love to play on PS4 instead.

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Goku7812095d ago ShowReplies(3)
BattleReach2095d ago (Edited 2095d ago )

Take Two = Red Dead Redemption 2 / Grand Theft Auto V --> PS4/XB1

DanielGearSolid2095d ago

Not all of them are necessarily working on games.

They're just registered developers

Fireseed2095d ago

No this is actually a list of developers currently developing a game for the Xbox One, the registration list was a few days ago.

christocolus2095d ago (Edited 2095d ago )

This is great. Phil said they would take a different approach this time with japan. I hope it pays off.

I was shocked to see nippon ichi, koeitecmo and level 5 there and im guessing ms has something huge planned with platinum games, artoon and mystwalker cos its obvious they skipped those names on purpose.

Fireseed2095d ago


It's all good, easy mistake.