10 crimes attributed to video games

JunkExplorer: Many people are quick to claim that many violent attacks are a result of playing video games, but people are quick to forget that in the past, the same has been said of television, film, and even books .Here are a few crimes that video games have taken the heat for.

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KinjoTakemura2103d ago

Why is it that anyone who claims there is a link between violence and video games never mention the possibility that the people committing these crimes are mentally ill. The people mentioned in the article seemed crazy enough to me.

viccrack2103d ago

the guy who burned his classmate . because he thought he was a fire mage from world of warcraft . damn

cyclindk2103d ago

I got mugged and they stole my PS4 :) guess that's sorta "because" of games, but also anything else anybody wants