Global Weekly Sales Chart Week Ending April 12th, 2014

Global Hardware by Platform

Platform Weekly (change) Total
PS4 140,250 (-17%) 7,091,812
3DS 102,439 (-8%) 44,064,788
XOne 88,297 (+13%) 4,259,444
PS3 49,903 (-14%) 81,756,213
PSV 42,691 (-8%) 8,066,853
X360 32,211 (-9%) 80,635,236
WiiU 29,520 (-13%) 6,032,655
PSP 11,717 (-10%) 80,533,177
Wii 10,108 (-7%) 100,606,213

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KingKelloggTheWH2097d ago

Seriously where do they get these numbers? They always seem like some fan just randomly guessing, they are always wrong too.

Just wait till we have real sale numbers and stop posting VGcharts, they arent accurate at all.

DVS-Zev2097d ago

Data-Collection Methodology

All sales estimates on VGChartz are arrived at via a number of proprietrary and ever-developing methods:

*Passively polling end users to find out what games they are currently purchasing and playing
*Polling retail partners to find out what games and hardware they are selling
*Using statistical trend fitting and historical data for similar games
*Studying resell prices to determine consumer demand and inventory levels
*Consulting with publishers and manufacturers to find out how many units they are introducing into the channel

Basically a whole lot of wild guessing.

SardoNumspa2097d ago (Edited 2097d ago )

There is no guessing by the little kid at vgchartz. The fake sales numbers on vgchartz are carefully made up each week to give the best possible impression for Xbox hardware and software.

As many people who are on the neogaf forum knows, vgchartz was started by a 20 something year old Xbox fan who use to make up fake sales numbers back in the Xbox 360 days. The problem was that he was so hilariously bad at making up absurdly high Xbox numbers and absurdly low Playstation numbers he got himself perma banned from neogaf.

He ran off and setup his fake sales site vgchartz shortly aftwards so that no one could stop him spreading his massively inflated fake Xbox sales numbers.

There is nothing complicated about what the dumb little kid at vgchartz does.

Make Xbox hardware and software sales numbers as high as he possibly thinks he can get away with.

Make Playstation hardware and software sales numbers as low as he possibly thinks he can get away with.

My favorite thing about the fake vgcharz sales numbers is how the kid makes up numbers down to a single digit in accuracy because he thinks that makes them look more 'real'.

Right now he has made up PS4 installed base numbers that are about 3-400k under what every knows them to be. And Xbox One sales numbers that are about the same about higher than its actual sales numbers.

The PS4 was over 7 million by April 6th and has been selling at a rate of about 250k a week worldwide. That means the PS4 is about 7.5 million worldwide right now.

Adding up the known numbers for the Xbox One from the US and Europe have the installed base numbers 200k or so under 4 million right now. The kid a vgchartz then makes up some absurd claim that the Xbox One has hundreds of thousands of more sales in unnamed countries outside of the US and UK.

mikeslemonade2097d ago

Hey atleast I don't need to wait until the NPD which only accts for NA. The numbers are close enough. At the end of the day for gamers why would you care of PS3 sold 84 mil instead of 82 for example. Why would would you care if PS2 sold 155 mil instead of 158 mil.

The numbers still tell the same story: PS4 is on the verge of of outselling X1 by 2:1. PS2 dominated the competition. PS3 outsold the 360. Does it really matter that the guy is under tracking PS4 by a couple hundred thousand?? Atleast I get ballpark numbers on a weekly basis.

People are all surprised when NPDs come out but I'm not because I already have an idea based from vgchart estimates. And last of all they correct the estimates once the more accurate sources come out.

thorstein2097d ago

I am pretty sure Nintendo would love to announce that the Wii U has sold through 6 Million Consoles.

I haven't heard that yet, so I would take these numbers, as you said, "whole lot of wild guessing."

johndoe112112097d ago

Ok, is it me or does it seem like every week the xbone always has a positive percentage while the ps4 always has a negative percentage and yet the ps4 continues to outsell the xbox one. Could someone please explain to me how this is possible? Serious question here.

SardoNumspa2097d ago (Edited 2097d ago )

johndoe11211: "Ok, is it me or does it seem like every week the xbone always has a positive percentage while the ps4 always has a negative percentage and yet the ps4 continues to outsell the xbox one"

Because the numbers are fake and made up by a little kid who is a hardcore Xbox fan.

Asking why vgchartz's fake sales numbers don't actually make any sense is like asking why does MisterXMedia's absurd claims about 'secret Xbox One graphics hardware' not make any sense.

It is what Xbox fans desperately want to hear.

It is a amazing example of just how far Xbox fans are willing to go to believe some kid's little website is doing global retail tracking just because it tells them what they desperately want to believe - that the Xbox is doing significantly better than it is really is.

The Xbox fan at vgchartz lives off of information voids. Real retail tracking firms like NPD spend enormous effort and resources to come up with each month's actual retail sales for the consoles. Companies pay good money every month to have access to that accurate and reliable data.

You have real sales numbers coming out once a month from NPD. So the kid at vgchartz fills that void with fake and inflated Xbox One sales numbers and absurdly low PS4 numbers.

That way for 3 out of 4 weeks every month the kid is able to spin the Xbox One is doing massively better than it is in reality.

Once the real numbers come out the kid scrambles to change his numbers to avoid being caught.

2097d ago
GribbleGrunger2097d ago (Edited 2097d ago )

@johndoe11211: Because:

1/ VGC has undertracked the PS4 every week since it launched and then adjusts the figures retrospectively so you never get to see what the previous weeks figures really were.

2/ The PS4 is selling so well and beating the X1 by so many that even with a negative percentage against a positive percentage, it still easily outsells the X1

3/ You're imagining it because some weeks the negative and positive percentages are the opposite way around.

Bigpappy2097d ago

Too late to start attacking the numbers, because it does not suit the theme this week. It is showing Titan falls is not in decline, and that although PS4 is still selling well, that and infamous are in decline.

That is what I expected to read. Try to stay on topic instead of attacking the messenger. Everything you are saying about VGchartz, is already know by 99% of the people who visit the site. when they show 5:1 sales in favor of PS4 none of this fake numbers stuff is an issue.

SilentNegotiator2096d ago

"It is showing Titan falls is not in decline, and that although PS4 is still selling well, that and infamous are in decline"

A game bundled with almost every piece of hardware is not in decline while a game that isn't bundled with every piece of hardware (since they don't need to do so to get sales) is?

So what?

NewMonday2096d ago

Just to prove how fake VGChartz is Sony announced PS4 sold 7 million 2 weeks ago yet VGC didn't update the numbers from that time, from the pace of Sales the number should be 7.5 million now


And how about when VGC reported XBone was best selling in the USA every week of March but actually ended up losing to the PS4 by 60k

I Have been calling them out for months even when they reported PS4 ahead because I knew they were underplaying the margins

johndoe112112096d ago


Yeah but how often?

randomass1712096d ago

Guessing which by the way only gets updated AFTER NPD puts out their numbers. We really should be ignoring new VGChartz numbers but for some reason we never do.

morganfell2096d ago


Last week vgchartz had the Xbox ahead for that period in the US despite the PS4 leading at Amazon, Best Buy, Gamestop, and Walmart. In several cases the PS4 just wasn't ahead by one form of console but was leading with different versions - i.e. bundles. This most recent spread is even further apart than the previous weeks when Titanfall launched and the PS4 still outsold the X1.

Basically vgchartz is doubling down on stupid.

So no, he isn't even close.

VGChartz should be banned, permanently. Its numbers are listed as being a rumor but using the word rumor is not a internet hall pass to be continually wrong...wrong wrong wrong all the time. Rumor means there is supposed to be a shred of possibility, preferably above the 50% mark, that said rumor is true. But that clown takes logic and the statistics of sales and throws them out the window in the favor of a wish.

I wonder how N4G would feel if several of us were to go out and create sites with wild rumors and start submitting them. Would more trash similar to vgchartz flooding this site finally convince the mods to take action? There is a reason vghchartz and N4G are persona non grata at Gaf. And until N4G takes action to clean up some of this ridiculousness they will never be taken seriously, despite some decent visitors and staff.

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Lightning Mr Bubbles2097d ago (Edited 2097d ago )

VG chartz is just VG chartz, it's just an estimate and it's decent I guess. I don't take VG chartz too seriously, it's just something to look at to get a basic idea of who has some momentum I guess.

Lightning Mr Bubbles2097d ago

According to VG chartz, PS3 beat XBOX 360 last gen after all. That's crazy cause last gen was brutal for playstation fans. It was a tough gen for us, but things are looking up with the PS4.

SardoNumspa2097d ago

How was last gen brutal for Playstation fans?

The PS4 outsold the Xbox 360 every single year it was on the market.

And the PS4 has been the top selling console in the world from the time the Wii fad died off about three years into last gen.

Add in complete graphical dominance and the best and largest combination of first and third party games.

It makes absolutely no sense for things to be 'looking up' for the world leader, Sony, in the console market.

Lightning Mr Bubbles2097d ago (Edited 2097d ago )


It was brutal cause I live in the United States, and the PS3 got it's ass kicked in the NPD every month for 7 plus years, and we lost all our third party exclusives. This after we were so use to being the undisputed top dog with the PS2.

Worldwide, is was hard to gauge what was really happening, there were some tough times there also. In the end, it ended up being really close between PS3 and XBOX 360. The XBOX brand gained a lot of ground on the Playstation brand. Overall, it was a nightmare. The PS3 was a failure overall, considereing how dominate the Playstation brand had been before.

TitanUp2097d ago

i had a launch ps3 and it wasnt that great, im having 100x more fun with my ps4 than i did my ps3.

talking about launches not later, ps3 became an awesome console in later years.

GameDev12097d ago


By PS4, you mean PS3 right?

AceBlazer132097d ago

@Lightning Mr. Bubbles whatever ground the 360 gained was apparently not very solid. Look at what's going on now.

The PS4 has sold 1.4 mil + every month since launch, that's 350k a week so I find it hard to believe it magically dropped from 350k every week to a mere 90k.

Geez i could probably do a better job than Vgchartz.

Inception2097d ago

@lightning mr bubbles

"we lost all our third party exclusives"

Really? Than why i can't find this games on 360?

- Yakuza 3,4,5,Dead Souls
- Disgaea 3,4,D2
- Valkyrie Chronicles
- Tales of Graces f, Xillia 1 & 2, Symphonia Chronicles, Zestiria
- Persona 5
- Drakengard 3
- Ni no Kuni
- Dragon's Crown
- FF X/X2 HD
- KH 1.5 & 2.5 HD
- Ace Combat Infinity
- Deception 4

Add that with tons of amazing games from sony 1st party than i can forget if some 3rd party exclusive became multiplat ;)

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stuna12097d ago

Just look at his totals! It's already known that the PS4 is leading by over 3million consoles, but yet he has it at less than 3 million, that's a discrepancy in and of itself. Then it's been over a week since Sony announced over 7 million consoles have been sold, and by his own figures states the PS4 has sold 140,000 consoles worldwide this week! So someone PLEASE tell me why he has the PS4 lifetime sales at 7,091,812 consoles sold!?

Can he not add???

n4rc2097d ago

How do you know that?

Last reported figures are 7m and 5m..

Soooo... Not over 3m, unless you choose to make up your own figures just like vgc

MysticStrummer2097d ago

@n4rc - That's 7m sold versus 5m shipped. XB1 is closer to 4m sold than 5m.

stuna12097d ago


Just going by VGChartz own figures they seem to think it's closer to 4 million also, unless he under tracked sales by almost a million consoles! Although known to under/over track even I wouldn't say it's been off by that much.

frostypants2096d ago

There is no chance in hell that the WiiU has sold 6 million units.

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2097d ago Replies(1)
Axios22097d ago (Edited 2097d ago )

TitanFall still has the staying power, #1 and #4 in the world

And, 2 X1 games in the world top 5, well done

2097d ago Replies(3)
ic3fir32097d ago

Titanfall is a monster in sells, 1.500.000 only xbox one, 500.000 360, 2milions in 1 month, for a new IP its amazing.

BlackTar1872097d ago

Titanfall guys are weird. It's a fun game but stringing these posts together over all the forums is quite sad.

Toxic-zombie2097d ago (Edited 2097d ago )

The only reason Titanfall has so much staying power is that it's bundled with every system.

GarrusVakarian2097d ago (Edited 2097d ago )

Wow.....still ignoring those console numbers i see? The PS4 is not too far off doubling the X1's worldwide sales and outselling the X1 over 2-1 in Europe this week...and all you talk about is Titanfall, i wonder why that is?

13% increase in the X1 and a 17% decrease for the PS4 from last week and the PS4 still sold that much more.

Dat demand.

MasterCornholio2097d ago (Edited 2097d ago )

Yeah I agree. I wonder when he will let go of his obession with Titanfall?

ic3fir32097d ago

I was responding to a user who said the titanfall.
But it seems that sales of the game makes many sonyboys die of jealousy.
Xbox is more expensive and still sells very well, both are in a good way, and titanfall is the game of the moment, and until the end of the year sonyboys has no good exclusive multiplayer to play, which is a shame,`
Xbox have titanfall and plants vs zombies graden warfare for now :)

GarrusVakarian2097d ago (Edited 2097d ago )


Wha? I wasn't even talking to you. If you look, i was replying to Axios2.

And yeah, im super jealous of know, despite the fact that i own the game and have over a day play-time, lol. So jealous!

stuna12097d ago

I guess you're going to say that in every sales article until the end of time! Even when it appears on the PS4 in it's 2nd iteration and you're still going to be saying TitanFall has long legs, even though it's selling more on the PS4 lol.

SilentNegotiator2096d ago

A bundled game topping the charts?


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fonger082097d ago

I'd be interested to see if there's a swing... if any, between the big 3 after E3. I'm assuming there's still a vast majority of gamers awaiting reason(s) to purchase a PS4, Xb1, or even a Wii U, and hopefully E3 will showcase all they have to offer to incent people to upgrade.

jimbobbeers2097d ago

I find it amusing when people like what they see VGChartz is reliable and fantastic, yet when they don't like what they see its LOLllllz VgChartz isn't legit!

Bloody hypocrites.

MasterCornholio2097d ago

I prefer the official numbers from the manufacturers but thats just me. I only use VG to get an idea of how the systems are selling.

Hicken2097d ago

I find it amusing when people say this as of anyone outside of a few Xbox fanboys are ever even guilty of it.

Bill_Willson_CIA2097d ago

Vgchartz PS4 number historicaly speaking are pretty accurate(the difference with the official numbers are less than 100k).The Xone numbers though,are pretty wrong(usually overtracked)

JMyers2097d ago (Edited 2097d ago )

They have adjusted these numbers 3 times already this gen... When sony announce official numbers they put theirs up... So not really accurate when you consider this. PS4 is undertracked.