Bioware Explains The Social Side of Dragon Age Inquisition

Bioware's Mike Laidlaw explains that the choices and consequences in Dragon Age Inquisition will indirectly create a social side to the game.

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Alexious2103d ago

Coop mode would have been nice... Still, I can't wait!

Festano2103d ago

This game is very interesting, when an MMO on the saga?

anticlimax2103d ago

Frankly I've seen enough great series turn into MMO's.

Alexious2103d ago

That's not a problem into itself, it's how they do it.

TheTowelBoy2103d ago

I agree too many devs just think "oh remember that great title you grew up playing? HOW MUCH WOULD YOU LOVE PLAYING IT WITH THOUSANDS OF PEOPLE WHO HATE YOU"

elhebbo162103d ago

Oh god no, we have to much singleplayer-to-MMO game these days.

2103d ago
karamsoul2103d ago

The Xbox One and PS4 are due for an amazing RPG. This just might be it. :)