Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes Review - AGR

Although this is the best looking, best playable, best sounding and everything else, Metal Gear Solid game, you can't escape the fact that this game is stupidly short for no reason. When the lead developer is touting the fifth game for being so long it may not be finishable, how can they justify releasing something for such a high cost with relatively nothing to do within the game. Once you finish the main mission and side adventures, there really is nothing keeping the regular gamer engaged except for the stunning trailer for the full game. I can't help but wonder if this was either a cash drive for funding or simply a taster to see if there are any fans left that still want a MGS game. What ever the reason for this, stay away, stay far away until the price plummets and than collect your copy from the clearance bin and enjoy what should have been given away as a demo.

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moujahed2099d ago

I beat the new Strider in like 40mins. So were grading games based on their length now? Although it was understood and stated to be a Prologue?? Anybody read a book?? You know those few pages you read before reaching chapter 1? Yeah... So I will assume you ran through the main mission and didn't pick it up after completing... There truly is waaaaay more than 30-60minutes of gameplay/replay value. Bring on the dislikes but my 29.99 was well spent.

Goku7812099d ago

Armor of Inferno, I think I will give it a try.

abradley2099d ago

As a big fan of the series, you expect value for money from Metal Gear Solid.

Yes, not every game is as long as people would like or often good value for money. Many games that charge a higher than usual price but end up being short usually have a unique aspect about them, that makes it worth while for some people. E.g. Journey, The Unfinished Swan.

The big difference with Ground Zeroes is it isn't meant to be a standalone game, that is quite obvious with the amount of gameplay available. If anything, it is a demo on a disk. You may be able to get a lot of enjoyment out of that demo for $29.99, but most people won't. Even fans like myself fell well short in our expectations for this game.

We were indeed warned by the devs that it was a prologue, most of us didn't think they would have the balls to rip us off this much though.

As I mentioned in my review. If they have such a huge collection of content for the fifth game that it may not be completable for the majority of us, why did they not spread the load and put some of that gameplay into the prologue?

The answer of course is, Money money money. That is why a lot of us are annoyed. And by standing by this title you are stating it is perfectly okay to sell parts of a game for hikes prices with relatively no gameplay in each part.

Let me ask you this, would you willing pay $10 for every hour of MGS 5? Keeping in mind that this game could well be 20-30 hours long on the conservative side. Because that's exactly what your saying your willing to do. That could end up costing you $200-$300 for one game, it could go even higher.

moujahed2099d ago

You make a good point. Yet fans kept pushing and pushing for this, I highly doubt they were able to do so without charging for something... I came to the conclusion that the $ is making up for K.Sutherlands appearance as Big Boss. Maybe if I no longer play GZ, if I wasn't so ready for a new Metal gear or new game period for my PS4 my outlook would be different.

abradley2098d ago

@Moujahed That is one problem with new consoles, all that raw power and not enough games to enjoy on them.

If Sutherlands was such a cost, why didn't they just stick with Hayter, he loved the roll yet the devs didn't want him for it any more?

I agree that it has been a long time coming and so I'm not surprised that you want to get everything out of GZ because of the lack of recent games in the series. I'm just saying that I don't like being ripped off like this and I really hope we don't have the same issue with the full release of MGSV as I have a sneaky suspicion that the game may not be as long as they are touting.

MasterD9192099d ago

If this game was steadily around $20 and was primarily released digitally, I think a lot more people would understand what it is.

I believe that Kojima was approached early on in regards to releasing a MGS title at launch for next-gen consoles and because MGS:PP wasn't ready, he decided to cut GZ entirely and release it separately now. This was probably the plan for quite some time.

abradley2098d ago

Possibly, though from someone who's played it, $20 is still too much.

If they had to charge, £5/$5 would have been the most I would expect to pay, content wise.

Otherwise, why not release it as a taster demo and have everybody enjoy it. Gets more people on board as fans for the free demo and allows people who've never played the game a chance to try before the biggy comes out. Would have sold them more copies.