PlayStation 3 Zero-Day Hands On gets their PS3 unboxed and running, and report on the initial experience of Sony's new console.

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zypher4451d ago

so far most of the initial PS3 reviews (from the games to the system itself) have been average-to-great. however, the problem has always been Sony themselves; a culmination of arrogance, questionable decisions and lack of PR ethics from the higher-ups have marred the initial image of an otherwise worthy addition to the Playstation legacy. as a gamer i hope the PS3 succeeds where it's predecessor left off (a good system with good games is good for all gamers); but a small part of me hopes that Sony--at the very least--gets a bloody nose this gen, to teach them some humility, and to help them heed the voices of those who keep them afloat, their customers.

AuburnTiger4450d ago

I had no idea that the conponent cables that I have for the PS2 will work for the PS3. Wow, Thanks Sony.

Grown Folks Talk4450d ago

and i don't want one right now.........just f'n with ya.