6 Villains That Need To Be In Batman: Arkham Knight

Batman: Arkham Knight will pit the Dark Knight against many of his most famous villains including Harley Quinn and Two-Face. However, each Arkham game usually includes a couple lesser-known foes as well. Which overlooked villains will get their chance to shine in Knight?

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maniacmayhem2262d ago

Man, having Lock-Up would be awesome. Imagine Batman having to actually save villains from this guy because he's torturing them.

contradictory2261d ago

where's Kite Man in this list?
i'm outraged by the absence of him in the earlier arkham games

ironfist922261d ago

Dont forget Crazy Quilt and Killer Moth!

oh and Animal-Vegetable-Mineral Man.
Seriously, look it up, he's an actual DC villain.

ironfist922261d ago

Also, why not Man-Bat? He'd be awesome and terrifying.

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