Minecraft Vita due Q2/Q3?

Mojang's Owen Hill indicates q2/Q3 target for the Vita (and PS4) versions of the block building hit.

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vongruetz2099d ago

I CAN NOT WAIT for this!! Or more to the point, my daughter can't wait for this and I can't wait to get sole control of my tablet back.

ATi_Elite2099d ago

Well here comes another 10 million units sold.

Wish I would of invented Minecraft. I would be a Multi-millionaire today.

2099d ago
DanielGearSolid2099d ago

If they do a bundle the Vita will enjoy a decent boost

dodgemoose2099d ago

Indeed. Perfect fit for the device.

Protagonist2099d ago

Been a long time coming... I hope it does good for the Vita.

nope1112099d ago

Bundle the hell outta this, Sony!!!

Skate-AK2099d ago

I have this game on PS3 but still haven't played it.