Hideo Kojima's Announcement Won't Be "Earth Shattering", "Curtail Your Hype Trains Accordingly"

"Earlier today, Hideo Kojima tweeted there will be some sort of an announcement tomorrow. What is it about? Unfortunately we don't know the answer yet."

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TheDarpaChief2104d ago

the one time he tells us not to be hyped right? kay kojima whatever you say

BattleAxe2104d ago

I am really not excited at all for this game, which is unfortunate since I loved MGS 2,3 and 4.

Jughead34162103d ago

Naw this game is gonna be great. Ground Zeros is great. It's just short.

SovereignSnaKe2103d ago

Ground Zeroes really soured my optimism, bad voice acting, taking it self too serious and nixing certain game mechanics. If they carry that nonsense over to The Phantom Pain I will have to walk away from my most beloved series.

SovereignSnaKe2103d ago

@Moujahed; Sutherland voicing Big Boss was terrible. It sounded like "Just some guy", or Jack Bauer, NOT Snake. There was very little camp or charm. It felt very empty and cold. I understand that GZ was just a tech demo, but it was very bland. No Codec calls? Why couldn't I knock on Walls or Call to the guards? Why couldn't I drop magazines? This is Metal Gear Solid, not some douche bag, dude bro Military Simulator.

ZombieKiller2101d ago

That's your problem. Maybe if the game changed completely and was crap then I'd agree. The feeling is all still there, and fresh with new mechanics and almost better everything. Don't deny yourself a masterpiece because you can't knock on walls dude. Besides there is alot of shit that will make it into TPP that wasn't in GZ, already confirmed by Kojima.

The seriousness of MGS V stems from the dark part of the timeline the story has to offer. It's all part of the bigger picture which is what GZ is in the first place.

zsquaresoff2103d ago

Here's hoping for Solid Snake to be part of MGS5, voiced by David Hayter.

ColonelRex2103d ago

I don't think thats even possible. During this time line, Solid Snake wouldn't be but 12 years old.

dcj05242103d ago

I Don't think David can make the voice of a 12 year old boy lol.

zsquaresoff2102d ago

Who knows, maybe at the end or towards the end of MGS5, we get introduced to Solid snake and its voiced by David Hayter.

It's not like we the know the story to Mgs5. Who know what will happen?

braydox212101d ago

it's possible Young liquid is in the game so it would be pretty sweet to have David Hayter to voice 12 year old solid

heisenberguk2103d ago

Game devs should STAY OFF twitter! Sick of all the cryptic tweets that hint at greatness but fail to deliver! Codemasters tweeted hinting at a new grid game getting everyone's hopes up and it ended up being a LAST GEN ONLY game ffs!!! Ubisoft tweeting hinting at Watch dogs footage maybe having a different platforms buttons mapped onto it!! Just stop tweeting when you've got nothing to say ffs!!

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The story is too old to be commented.