Hex Heroes Has Less Than 24 Hours Left On Kickstarter; Close to Funded

Hex Heroes is one of the more ambitious Wii U projects on Kickstarter, and is now within it's final day of funding. Just how close are we to knowing if Hex Heroes will arrive on the system?

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mikel10152099d ago

Go Hex Heroes! It would be nice to see these guys become a successful indie gaming company

SirNintend02099d ago

I agree. It's within their reach.

2099d ago
TitanUp2099d ago

very unique ideal an rts game with commanding real players and on wiiu no less that is pretty cool.

Skate-AK2099d ago

They are pretty close. I think they will do it.

Kennytaur2099d ago

Chi-ching! They've done it.